CoD 5 called Call of Duty: World at War, set in Pacific

VG247: Call of Duty 5 has been confirmed as being called Call of Duty: World at War and is set in the Pacific theatre of WWII.

The news comes from subs issues of UK mag gamesTM, which landed this morning.

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STARS3942d ago

IMO, that's a real shame. Been there, done that, not buying.

Time Lord3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

World f'n war two AGAIN.....How dull.

prunchess3942d ago

Pity COD4 was the first in the series I liked. Far too many online glitches and problems though.

boodybandit3941d ago

a pass for me.
I have played more WWII shooters than I care to remember and I don't need to add to more clutter to my memory.

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perseus3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Yeah, that last WWII shooter set in the Pacific theatre sucked. What was it again? Oh. Right. MOH - Pacific Assault.

Well, that was an okay game. But it was too recent for me to care about a new game with a mediocre (COD4) engine. What was it? 4 years ago? Too recent.

And what was that other game set in the Pacific? Oh! Right! Battlefield 1942 had a couple of Pacific maps! And BF1942 sucked, everyone who has ever played PC shooters knows that the BF series did nothing for the FPS genre. Please. 4kmx4km maps? Fully-pilotable vehicles from aircraft carriers to jeeps? WHATEVER!

Yeah. Too many games set in the Pacific theatre. I'll still be buying it.

Bolts3942d ago

If you want to bash CoD 5 fine, go ahead but leave BF 1942 and the BF series out of it. The BF 1942 didn't do anything for the FPS genre? STFU, you have no clue.

perseus3942d ago

I think that you need to read what I wrote again. Especially the bit about vehicles and 4kmx4km maps. If that doesn't work, I can't help you.

Hint: Read it without the kneejerk.

name3942d ago

If it uses the COD4 engine it shouldn't be too bad right? I mean we play for the gameplay don't we? Right?...right?

Filanime033942d ago

Wrong it might have the same engine but not the same developer there is a big difference as far as game making skills between treyarch and infinity ward. Infinity ward one of the best developers out there well treyarch are just amateur using call of duty engines that Infinity ward build and they just tweaks it and call it their own.

BigPete79783942d ago

Looks like I'll be waiting for CoD6 when Infinity Ward takes back over. In all honesty I can't stand Treyarch. They don't do the series justice. Also the WWII thing is getting played out. Treyarch is just trying to cash in once again like they did with CoD3.

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