Dragon Age 3: Inquisition's Origin Stories Will Not Be Mysterious, DLC Can Be Bought Separately

"BioWare has revealed new details about the Inquisitor's origin story."

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SaveFerris1557d ago

Great news about the DLC content being available later on for all platforms. Looking forward to a good story from Bioware for this game.

PinkEye1557d ago

Good news? Why are they talking about DLC when the game isn't even released yet? Even if its post-production, I think it's more fair to release that part for free if it's completed within a few weeks after the launch of the game. EA are shifty man. I hate what they've done to Bioware, DICE, Dead space 3 (with their co-op BS), The SIMS, DRM in Diablo 3, etc the list goes on and on. At least have the decency not to openly talk about DLC for a game that isn't out yet. Still 3 months away.

SaveFerris1557d ago

I agree with you about the day one or earlier DLC stuff and it seems to be coming more common but what can we about it? It might be EA or it could be MS doing this?
I'm just glad that other platforms will get to have it eventually.

cleft51556d ago

Umm every game nowadays has some form of day one dlc as a perk for buying at a certain retailer. It's not EA, it's just how all business work nowadays. I am glad that they are being open and honest about the fact that you will be able to purchase that content later on. This way if you buy from Amazon instead of Gamestop you know you aren't permanently cut out of content.

MWong1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I wish they would take the Witcher 3 approach no timed or exclusive DLC.

DanzoSAMA1557d ago

Is the DLC exclusive to xbox ?

PinkEye1557d ago

That would be dumb. X-Bro One fans tend to only like Halo and shooters (with the occasional racer). Alienating PS4 gamers since they love rpg's more, would be dumb. Just how Activisions idea to alienate X-bro fans with Destiny wasn't wise since all they do is play Halo-type games.

nerdman671557d ago

In their conference it said "Exclusive Premium Content" or something.
So expect some DLC to be timed to Xbox One

kingjosh18761557d ago

Ohh great, more cut out content.

Wargrave1557d ago

If it isn't already in the game as core, I'd love for the DLC to cover characters from the two novels set after the games (Asunder and The Stolen Throne).

It is cool and all that Cole will be a companion, but I'd like to see how Briala and Rhys shape the present world.

Then again, there is always a fourth Dragon Age game that could come after.

1557d ago
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