Destiny beta issues galore on PSN and Bungie's site

The Destiny beta just launched on PS3 and PS4 and countless users are complaining of a variety of issues from Bungie's website to PSN troubles.

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Xsilver1644d ago

Everyone should stop trying to download it so i can DownLoad it :(

ZodTheRipper1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I can't confirm any issues, runs smoother than the Alpha. Just the Download was a hassle.

MegaRay1644d ago


i kid, kid.

alb18991644d ago

One week of advantage so SONY fans can have Destiny Beta at the same time as XBOXONE owners.........time to see which console has more online support.
I hope that PSN is prepare for he challenge.

ThanatosDMC1643d ago

X1 people shouldnt have any problems downloading it. Not enough people have X1 to stress the servers.

Funantic11643d ago

PSN shouldn't have problems either. It's not like that many PS4s have been sold. Like what is it 10-11 million PS4s? That's not even a third of 360 users on XBL.

JackOfAllBlades1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Gotta admit I lol'd. Funny bubs. And fanatic it's PS4 and PS3, both of which have a large presence worldwide

NatureOfLogic_1644d ago

I've already played and reached the max level for the beta.

BG115791644d ago

Pics or it didn't happen.

caseh1643d ago

What's the cap on the Beta?

caseh1643d ago

Same as the Alpha then, must have taken you a whole 2 hours to hit the cap ;)

ThanatosDMC1643d ago

You can hit the beta level cap within 3 hrs as long as you kill like a boss. Spidertank boss needs to be reworked 3-player co-op is stupid for that amount of hp. Shooting the weakspot doesnt do enough dmg and the fight becomes boring because everyone is just shooting the big bullet sponge and then look for more ammo.

I hope they dont have these types of boring boss fight in the released game.

caseh1643d ago


Spidertank is quite easy if everyone is levelled up including weapons. Work on the same leg then everyone unloads when it drops. Needs tight teamwork, won't get that with beta randoms but admittedly it's a sponge.

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isa_scout1643d ago

Me to... After hitting level 8 in the alpha I was hoping they would at least make the level cap 10. Really not looking forward to doing it a third
People act like PSN was down forever...The beta started at 1 and I was playing by 3:30est so it was only a 2 hour wait.

BattleAxe1644d ago

(PS3) Had trouble downloading the update initially, and now I get disconnected constantly, and can't even get past the opening sequence. The other thing that bugs me is that I have a PS3 pre-order, and Sony sends me two PS4 beta I can't play with my friends :/

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The story is too old to be commented.