Destiny Ghost Voice Comparison (Alpha vs. Beta)

The voice acting of Peter Dinklage's Ghost has dramatically changed in the new Destiny Beta Build. Find out how in the video below. Is it better or worse?

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-Foxtrot1557d ago

Sounds better but really the voice effect over it to make it sound more robotic just hides how bored he sounds.

I thought Bungie said they were getting him back to record his lines.

-Foxtrot1556d ago

I've literally just said the same thing on the other article thinking this one failed.

Just my luck (sigh)

Game0N1556d ago

its not a dramatic change. Just an overlay effect

Clown_Syndr0me1556d ago

I hate them both lol, but oh well.

Si-Fly1556d ago

I must be in the minority because I actually like his voice acting in Destiny.

SOM3ROiD1556d ago

I like it a lot. This 'flanger' effect is making it sound even better

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