Watch Dogs’ Hacking Didn’t Change the World

GeekParty writes: "When Watch Dogs was announced back in 2012, audiences were treated to a quick demo outlining the game’s hacking mechanic, a unique hook that would not only set it apart from all other third-person open-world games, but would also make it the must-play experience of 2013.

The question is, after two years of waiting, is Watch Dogs’s hacking the revolutionary tour de force Ubisoft promised it would be?"

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XiNarutoUzumaki1552d ago

Watch Doge could have done better if it didn't try to compete against GTA V and stay unique instead of copying some of GTA V's mechanics.

ReesesPuffs1552d ago

The game doesn't play like GTA V at all. They're both open world games and that is where the comparison ends.

3-4-51552d ago

GTA V & Watch Dogs were both generic & mediocre at best IMO.

* Promised so much more than what they really were.

XiSasukeUchiha1551d ago

Watch Dogs= GTA V with hacking abilities,

That's equation Naruto remember that.

uth111552d ago

I think it needs more interesting hacks.

I felt like they promised you could complete missions by shooting or hacking.

But when it comes down to it, there might be a few things you can hack to explode in any location, taking down an opponent or two. It doesn't take long to run out of things to hack and you have to shoot your way in.

some ideas:
distract opportunities: if you give the right responses, the target freaks out and leaves the scene

more advanced disable helicoptor: sieze the engine and make it fall out of the sky.. (maybe taking out ground based enemies with it)

quad copters (drones) that you might find and can hack and control for survellience (but steer it wrong and enemies may shoot it out of the sky)

dumahim1552d ago

I guess I missed the part where UbiSoft said hacking in Watch Dogs would be a "revolutionary tour de force."