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CCC Says: "The story of the Xeno series of RPGs is a weird one. It all started with Xenogears, an interesting little cult classic title by Squaresoft that released for the PS1. The game wasn’t originally going to come to America because of its heavy religious undertones, but it made news by finally being released here after a multiple year wait. Unfortunately, the end of Xenogears was rushed and while the creator planned to do an epic multi video game series, Squaresoft was less enthusiastic. Eventually, he went to monolith soft and made Xenosaga, a series of 3 games that are connected with each other, and are loosely connected to Xenogears."

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Metallox1554d ago

The only thing that bothers me about this game is the presence of a mute main protagonist. If the game it's going to have a huge story, I'm worried about how this character could interact with the others and participate in all events. Of course, we have many examples of games with mute characters that worked flawlessly, Chrono Trigger is the biggest example, its main character didn't talk and the story was great. And Monolith workers have a lot of experience and they have said they want to make something much better than Xenoblade, so for now I'm not that worried.

Also, there's no downgrade and the characters presented could be cool. Elma reminds me of Fiora and the woman with the Monado clip seems to be like Melia. I'm only making those comparisons because not many people seem to like them, especially because of the faces and the fact that don't look so appealing like the original Xenoblade cast was.

I can't wait and I really hope we can get the game early in 2015.

randomass1711554d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about a silent protagonist. Fire Emblem let you choose to have a silent protagonist and some classic JRPGs had them as well. If their story is centered around the player's character being silent, I'm sure they will make it work. :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1554d ago

Then what is Chrono Trigger to you?

Neckbear1554d ago

There are many games with silent protagonists that make their implementation in the story great. For example, see Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 1/2/New Vegas, Soul Nomad, Divinity, etc. In fact, a silent protagonist feels more in line with the classic RPG feel, and I'm disappointed in many modern developers abandoning that.

JacketsNest1011553d ago

Also, we need to keep in mind that Monolith Soft has stated that want to be the Bethesda Softworks of Japanese development, so it really doesn't surprise me that they are using a silent protagonist.

DeusEx-Machina1553d ago

I was worried about that too at first, but I'm convinced that Takahashi and his team will handle it well.

JacketsNest1011553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

If I remember correctly, the treehouse demo showed the PC making a few dialogue choices.

You shouldn't worry too much about the story. It's Monolith Soft, they have a reputation for highly developed characters and stories. You can pretty much bet that it's gonna have a massive story. Also, I fully expect to see it in early 2015, specifically due to the fact that it was all but confirmed to be releasing in 2014 and they are just now delaying it. We'll probably see it in the first half of 2015.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1554d ago

Ummmm, Takahashi Tetsuya did not go to Monolith Soft he and Sugiura Hirohide created the company with the backing of Namco.

And to Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicels, while they are all part of the Xeno series, they do not directly relate to each other. As they are more of spiritual successors for each installment than true sequels to each Xeno game(s).

Not to mention the fact Xenoblade Chronicles is not really even a spiritual sequel per-say as it almost had a different name, that would of been not included in the Xeno series of games.

Melankolis1554d ago

I hate when JRPG to become WRPG-wannabe. J-RPG should have stayed away from character customization, choice-driven story (at least they should have the original story), etc.

I can't imagine if some of us played female Cloud, or choosing Aerith to live rather than to die...

wonderfulmonkeyman1554d ago

There are a lot of people that wanted Aerith to live, though. I don't think it would make the majority upset to have that option.XD
BTW, did you know it was actually CLOUD that killed her?
Think about the scene for a minute; her body sank when he let her go in the water.
Bodies that are dead, actually FLOAT.
She was still alive when he put her in the water, despite the sword wound.
Cloud DROWNED her...

JacketsNest1011553d ago

Game looks great and all, but he really didn't do very much research. A lot of that stuff in the preview is him making inferences and it seems like he misunderstood a lot of what was in the treehouse demo. Oh, well.