Destiny Beta Gameplay - The First 45 Minutes

GR-UK writes: "Sony has confirmed some connectivity issues with regards to PSN (there's also issues with, likely due to the sudden influx of users desperate to get a first look at Destiny which is heading into beta tonight. With that in mind, and while you wait, we've captured the first 45 minutes of gameplay (as the Hunter class)."

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Si-Fly1556d ago

Yeah, defo not watching that, rather experience it myself when Sony pull their finger out of their arse.

Septic1556d ago

Ye PSN is down still...great...

Rickgrimes951556d ago

Does anyone know if you can install it in the background? I downloaded the 140 mb file an started the game and now it's installing 11 gb in game scared to try to watch netflix while installing.

spicelicka1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

If this happened on xbox people would somehow relate it PS4 destiny being superior

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ReesesPuffs1556d ago

Honestly. I've been waiting all day to get the codes but I can't even check my bungie account to see if I received the codes because PSN is down and I bet even if I got the codes I wouldn't be able to download it due to the high traffic. Very irritating indeed.

matrixman921556d ago

my first 45 minutes has been seeing the "down for maintenace" error over 100 times

VanguardOfCalamity1556d ago

got my codes about 15 mins after the start time on bungie - still no email <so people may wish to check bungie instead of email if they haven't received a code yet>

As far as PSN - I got kicked from the Store the first time - got to the redeem code/destiny download area before getting kicked the second time - put in code for second time and was able to download. Got kicked from game first time - restarted and currently downloading

ReesesPuffs1556d ago

I've been trying to check bungie but you have to sign in through your PSN account and PSN is down so you just have to hope it goes back up or that you get an email.

TKCMuzzer1556d ago

I have a plan, everybody stop accessing the PSN, then I will go on and download the beta and pass on my experiences to you all..... :)

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