Why You Should Care About Evolve

EGMR writes: "Now, if you don’t know what Evolve is, then I bestow upon you all my sympathy and judgement. Mainly because it’s looking to be a damn fine game, and you’re supposed to know about it by now (it was at E3, for goodness’ sakes). However, let me just put you through a crash course:

There are 4 hunters, 1 monster. The monster runs around and the hunters… well, they hunt, obviously.

If that extremely detailed summary of the game didn’t get you excided yet, then allow me to elaborate."

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JBSleek1555d ago

This game is going to be so fun!!

Malakhim1555d ago

I'm more excited about this game than most anything else coming out this year, singly because I know I'll have so many crazy epic moments with my buds on it!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1555d ago

I think I was more excited BEFORE I actually watched gameplay of it. Now it just looks mediocre especially when compared to the L4D games.