The Crew PC Closed Beta will now start on July 21

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I know, today is all about Destiny's beta beginning on PlayStation platforms; but, Ubisoft announced today that the PC Closed Beta for The Crew will actually start two days earlier than originally announced. Those accepted into the closed beta can begin playing as early as Monday, July 21 and will be able to race across the U.S. until Friday, July 25."

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771579d ago

I hope there's a release of the beta for consoles soon! this sucks. :-(

brbobcat1578d ago

Has Ubisoft said anything about a PS4/XboxOne beta? I'd imagine they plan on one given the open world of The Crew

BillmadeAGate1578d ago

No but the developers IvoryTower said they would love to do a console beta, the problem is it would take alot longer to open a console beta then a pc beta and would affect development.. hence we probably won't be getting a console beta, unfortunately =/

Alex_Boro1578d ago

Has anyone got invited to the beta? Not sure if I got invited or not

Psychotica1578d ago

After registering it says they will send you an invite to your email address if you have been selected..