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SniperControl1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Everyone is downloading the Destiny Beta.

Still havn't got a code yet here in the UK, is that the case for all of the UK peeps??

I missed out on the Alpha, totally gutted if i miss the beta as well, i pre-ordered last year and got my code to Bungie straight away.

joeyisback1555d ago

I'm in the us still ain't got it just yet

pedrof931555d ago

I've download a 179 mbs "DESTINY BETA" but I can't open it, is anyone having this issue aswell ?

tbone5671555d ago

PSN is a joke. Shoddy service that users are actually paying money for.

pedrof931555d ago

Nevermind its working now. And its downloading fast.

KidBroSweets21555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Got the redeem code. Then got lucky and was able to get in the psn store. Entered the code and pressed "Continue" and now stuck on the loading bar page.

AngelicIceDiamond1555d ago

Well its unfortunate the high volume of users downloading the Destiny beta caused some network problems and down time.

In the future I hope Sony improves the stability of the service for future beta's and high volume of users.

KidBroSweets21555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


You're definitely right about that. The thing is, is that I don't see why these kind of things happen when so many incidents like this have happened before. Why not just get prepared for these things? I'm definitely no tech geek so maybe I'm missing something about how hard it must be since it happens pretty frequently with things like this. And I'm not talking about JUST the psn store because even the bungie website was down, I'm talking about everything in general, past and what's sure to be the future.

BadlyPackedKeebab1555d ago


I had exactly the same, started at 14gb (I think) then changed to 179MB. It loads to the title screen (press x) then just says PSN is f***ed.

Given up on it for a while now. Will let the dust settle, all my friends have low connections so I doubt ill be fire teaming up tonight anyhow... but thats just me, sucky for everyone else.

Dirtnapstor1555d ago

Cannot connect for now on PS4. It's probably flooded and jammed up. PS3 avenue working fine.

Volkama1555d ago

Sounds like this all could have been avoided at virtually no cost by simply staggering the beta access. Oh well, guess it will help them prepare for the full launch where staggering entry times wouldn't be too well received!

user14394141555d ago

I think that PSN are doing amazing considering the AMOUNT of people downloading the BETA. :)

maddskull1555d ago

@BadlyPackedKeebab after it finishes the 179 mb it starts downloading the full size you can go to the app and see the information it will show you the amount left.

waltonboy521555d ago

I got 3 codes did anybody else get 3? why did I get 3 codes on bungie?

thorstein1555d ago

It's on the Bungie Site, just don't try to use the codes yet. I got errors after using my first two. It won't show my cart.

So, I will wait until it calms down and try to use my last to download it.

waltonboy521555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I kept getting errors also but I just kept trying and im finally downloading it what are the other 2 codes for?

cee7731555d ago


pm me A code please.

ShinMaster1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I've been online all day. I'm in the Beta right now.

@ tbone567

PS Plus is far from a shoddy service, gtfo. Xbox Live was down just a couple months ago

Kayant1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


Good thing XBL is all well and good atm then....

XBL Core services - X360/XB1 - 17/07/2014 22:10:34
"Having difficulty signing in to Xbox Live? Don’t worry, Xbox members, we’ve got our best people working to get everything straightened out right away. We appreciate your patience in the meantime and will update you again in 30 minutes.
Purchase and Content Usage - X360/XB1/Xbox other platforms - 17/07/2014 18:23:34
"We understand some of you are having a hard time viewing television seasons you’ve already purchased from Xbox Video. As you read this message, we’re diligently working toward a fix. We appreciate your patience during this process and will update you again when more information becomes available."

aragon1555d ago

suppen for fanboys on both sides i am waiting for beta to download on ps3 55% and im logged in on live no network down for me

Darkstares1555d ago

High volume? That's hilarious. High volume is something like when Apple releases IOS 7 to hundreds of millions of people, has the PS4 even reached 10 million? So basically PS3 and PS4 PSN user numbers are epidemic.

This used to happen on the PS3, I recall Call of Duty and high volume, yet more copies were sold on the XBox 360 and it wasn't experiencing the same issues. I imagine this is why Sony now charges, so they can invest more into the service.

UltraNova1555d ago

Kayant that was funny!

OT: Here I thought that Betas are for testing software prior to releasing the final built...especially worst case scenarios like server overload...hmm maybe I'm misinformed...

Seriously people what did you expect when a million people are simultaneously downloading a 14GB file from the same source?

I say the more shit happens the more Bungie can fix before going gold!

OUROSMAG1555d ago

The codes don't come in an email, they go to your account. under profile and codes.

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Ezz20131555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

ehhh, s**t happens

it's not down for me on ps3 though
i'm downloading updates for some ps3 games

kenshiro1001555d ago

Apparently you're lying and it must be down for you./s

andibandit1555d ago

I think it's the
"ehhh, s**t happens"
that people are disagreeing with

Really?? a TON of people are gonna try to download the Destiny Beta!?!? Well S**T, who could've known

matrixman921555d ago

codes havent even gone out yet. Supposedly in 39 minutes from now they will

Hellsvacancy1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

No code yet for me either, 6pm I think

Blasphemy1555d ago

you have to get your code from

UnwanteDreamz1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Go to bungie, log in, go to your profile, then go to codes. I know they said they would email but I got mine this way. Try it. 3gigs down 7 more to go....

Hellsvacancy1555d ago

I got the code now but I can't use it because the PSN is sh!!!t, keeps giving me an error message

truefan11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

When the Titanfall launched(not beta) xbl had 30 minutes of problems. PSN is allocated an hour, but any longer than that is further proof xbl is superior. This isn't even peak gametime, but they are reporting high volume. I'm sure sony will fix it though, they have a lot riding on this.

If it crashes tonight that is a very bad look for sony especially after charging people to improve the network.

@Chaos dad you had to find and article stating for the better part an hour. Remember that was a launch of a full game, this is a beta for preorders and the codes haven't even gone out yet. We'll see if psn is up in an hour or less.

pedrof931555d ago Show
Chaos-Dad1555d ago

Forbes, Xbox Live Down On 'Titanfall' Launch Day:
"The service outage has lasted for the better part of an hour now, and Xbox Support says that service is “Limited” right now."


ThePope1555d ago

He's right! When the server crashed for Titanfall tgisbplace went crazy!!! Saying ze cloud ze cloud, xbl fail!

I'm sure some PS fanboy will tell me how its different this time lol.

The point is people are so quick to sling mud. But it always comes back around.

OT: I want my beta code.

bigbic1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Destiny is a much bigger game in general than Titanfall, with more user worldwide interested in it. Bungie's website is even down due to sheer volume. If a tiny player count game like Titanfall crashes XBL, I wouldn't call it superior in any way.

He's right! When the server crashed for Titanfall tgisbplace went crazy!!! Saying ze cloud ze cloud, xbl fail!

You don't think that could be due to all the XBL is teh superior in every wayZ comments for years now?

P.S. It seems hilarious to me that one would claim superiority of a server structure due to "our servers crashed for less time than your servers".

LordMaim1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

To be fair, truefan1, I'm sure PSN would be faster if there were half as many people on it.

Also, Titanfall wasn't being downloaded simultaneously by literally EVERYONE who wanted to play it.

Dirtnapstor1555d ago

The Xbox has had its fair share of connectivity issues...give up the superiority complex please.

ziggurcat1555d ago

classic concern trolling.. seriously, truefan, why do you even bother posting in things that don't even concern you?

then you bring up titanfall... which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the article.

the reality is that networks experience these kinds of hiccups all of the time (including XBL), especially when a popular video game is being released. so stop acting like PSN is the only network that's affected by an overabundance of traffic.


wtf are you on about, talking out your ass? This game is the closest thing to GTA which caused massive issues last year. Destiny is cross gen, it's possible that more people are hitting servers today than any console game in history.

These type of issues are always temporary where as the hardware advantage ps4 has is PERMANENT.

ShinMaster1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@ Truefan1

That's hardly "proof". Nice job setting specific standards though and moving the goalpost.

I've been online all day and I'm currently in the Beta right now :)

BTW, Microsoft said that Xbox Live going down was not Titanfall related. Meaning that the service went down on its own for no apparent reason. "Sounds unstable to me" is what I would say if I was an Xbox fanboy talking about PSN.

Time to give up your superiority complex. There's virtually no difference when it comes to online gameplay.

sinspirit1555d ago

Here's an update. Same thing happening to Live. Too bad you have no bubbles to make a ridiculous defensive statement.

amnalehu1554d ago

A lot more people were downloading the Destiny beta than were downloading the Titanfall to be fair. Also, XB live was also down yesterday and there was no beta being downloaded by anyone. Technology is not perfect. There are always going to be down times on both PSN and XB Live.

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Retroman1555d ago

got Sony on phone now, can't log in Netflix after downloaded netflix new ps3 app.

wsoutlaw871555d ago

what do you want them to do over the phone?

Retroman1555d ago

@ outlaw

according to netflix they said to call Sony for factory restart firmware to reboot netflix app thats all they said.

true story.

2cents1555d ago


I got my code from Game by email as soon as I put my preorder down. If that helps any.

SniperControl1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

You misunderstand 2cents, i got a code from Amazon as soon as i pre-ordered which i entered into the Bungie website. Today, Bungie are supposed to give out redeem codes to enter into the PSN to download the beta, without this code, no beta.

17.55 GMT, still no redeem code as yet.

2cents1555d ago

Aaah I see.

I haven't had time to anything with my code so I didn't know the process.

thanks for clearing that up.

UnwanteDreamz1555d ago

Login to bungie , go to your profile, then go to codes, they said they would email but I got my codes this way. Try it you'll thank me.

Cryptcuzz1555d ago

Azure Dreams?

Wow,I didn't know anyone still remembered that game from the PS1 days.

Kudos to you bro!

Now kindly get your arse out of the clouds and stay on topic :D

sangreal1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

i preordered but i have no beta code and the beta starts at 1pm est? whats up with that?

@snipercontrol thanks! logged into and got my codes.

SniperControl1555d ago

18.20 GMT

Just got my code from Bungie's website.

Problem is, cant get onto the store to input it.

Lawboy21555d ago

Same for my codes but can't put them in on psn

KidBroSweets21555d ago

Haven't gotten an email yet for the codes and is down along with the psn store for me. Anyone who's actually started playing the beta care to share their experience?

Blasphemy1555d ago

you get the codes from you account

KidBroSweets21555d ago

Yes, I know where to get it from but I thought it mentioned it would send an email to alert you when it was ready. And like I said, was down so I was unable to check. Now however, I have my code and currently stuck with the psn store not working properly right now.

Blasphemy1555d ago

downloading beta right now psn up for me!

Magicite1555d ago

Its amazing how PSN have improved since PS3 early times.
Now You cant say anymore that XBL is the best online service, masses talk louder.

XiSasukeUchiha1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Downloading as we speak, see you guys there!

KidBroSweets21555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

This is just unfortunate for the day :/

Matt6661555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Every one is not downloading the Destiny Beta, for example me and some of my friends are not. So please don't assume every one is because some people don't like it (either it not the type of game there into etc or other reasons)

Tapewurm1555d ago

Have my Beta through to PSN briefly...disconnected when I went to confirm download a couple of times....... servers just must be flooded......gonna try again in an hour or so......can't wait 8)

LonDonE1555d ago

Would you like a destiny code mate? i am dead serious! i have 3 codes spare and also for xbox one which i cant give away till the 23rd!

FanboyKilla1555d ago

now this should be the hottest thing on n4g. we are paying for this crappy service now. they always say the same thing, high volume. lol sony you didnt plan for this before you took our money. smh high volume lmfao. cant remember the last time my xbox live was down. even nintendo for that matter. shit happens i know, but your high volume excuse is becoming your religion. stfu and fix it. we dont care whats wrong, fix it.

GordonKnight1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I actually couldn't get in the Nintendo eShop last night to download my platinum member free game. So, I believe any server can go down with high volume. Especially if everyone on is downloading large files.


liquidhalos1554d ago

I think the last time Xbox live was down was yesterday. Yup just checked n4g and it was indeed yesterday

anwe1555d ago

This entire situation could have been avoided by allowing a preload over the past few weeks. Now were down to the wire and the system is overwhelmed.

IraqCombatVet1555d ago

You need to be the new head of Bungie because everyone but Bungie thought the same thing. Why in the world didn't they allow pre-load for the Beta? Makes no sense.

Oh, and on top of that...let's send out the beta codes as soon as we launch the Beta. Genius idea Bungie.

liquidhalos1555d ago

Oh man, mines down again. I'm getting fed up of the psn now. When it was free it was fine. But now, what are we paying for? It shouldn't take this long for a multinational to improve its infrastructure as promised.