Three Concerns About No Man’s Sky

Critically Sane's Corey is excited about the upcoming No Man's Sky, but can't shake his doubts.

CS: "I have in my possession a ticket to ride the hype train, yet I cannot seem to get off the platform. Perhaps they overbooked. There are doubts eating away at my enthusiasm and I can’t seem to put them to rest. "

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logan_izer101555d ago


CriticallySane1555d ago

Corey is a horrible person. He also hates kittens.

ATi_Elite1555d ago

Not enough tools

Not enough gamer interaction

too many repetitive planets but with different colors

Bryanarchy1011554d ago

Oh so you have played No Man's Sky?

uth111555d ago

I have similar concerns about the game. That while it may be amazing technically, it might end up being not much fun to play.

Hopefully they add enough gameplay elements to keep it exciting!

aliengmr1555d ago

Here's a video showing what a procedural galaxy with billions of star systems looks like and just how big it actually is.

For an even better idea go download Space Engine, its free.

Hello Games is saying 90% of the systems are going to be uninhabited. Go and find life in Space Engine. Then you will see the problem.

Becuzisaid1555d ago

My concern is that it'll be over priced on PSN.

medman1555d ago

My only concern at the moment is that it won't release in 2015. I would be sorely disappointed.