Xbox One sales double after removal of Kinect, but the PS4 is still miles ahead

In a rather unsurprising case of “we told you so,” Microsoft says Xbox One sales have doubled since the arrival of the $400 Kinect-free Xbox One in June. The press release is infuriatingly slim on other important details, though, such as how many Xbox One consoles Microsoft actually sold, and — more importantly — how the Xbox One is faring in comparison to the PS4. Still, let’s not Microsoft’s coyness get in the way — let’s do our best to tease the figures apart, and look at some figures from some other sources, to see just how the Xbox One is doing.

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NextLevel1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Yep. It took removing Kinect to have mediocre success. The excuses are running out, quickly.

According to vgchartz the Xbox One outsold the Wii U by under a 1000 units worldwide.

The Xbox One is competing with the Wii U, not the PS4.

XiSasukeUchiha1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

PS4 is a legend among worlds, forged with awesomeness in mind, and friendly to all, that's PS4s nindo way!

Ezz20131737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

this article should be put on fire
because it's taking it info from Lolchartz A.K.A Vgchartz

It's clear that Ps4 is still in the lead since Microsoft didn't claim that they sold the best in US
but anything coming from lolchartz ?!

Goku7811737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

That was funny but I have to agree lol! Everything is awesome! 1 X 2 = Xbox One < PS4 is true.

FayZ_1737d ago

calm down godzilla, ps4 is nothing amazing, if you wanted a 1.84tfops machine then pc had it years ago.

the launch price was what made ps4 successful and it proves the same as xbones sales double after price drop.

games are what determine the winner not the power of the system, remember the ps2?

UltraNova1737d ago

@ fayz

You start saying this "calm down godzilla, ps4 is nothing amazing, if you wanted a 1.84tfops machine then pc had it years ago."

Then finishing the comment like this "games are what determine the winner not the power of the system, remember the ps2?"

SO which one is it...tiger? Power or games makes the winner?

You...tiger... made yourself irrelevant.

Gekko361736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@Ultranova - (RE:FAYZ_'s comments)

OK I'll spell it out for you.

First Fayz says that the PS4's hardware is nothing spectacular, which is true. Then he draws a comparison to hardware & games against sales. As you know the PS2's hardware was a LOT weaker than the Original Xbox but Xbox still lost due to less games, another valid point.

So as you can see both of Fayz's comparison's and comments were valid.

The sales figures for a simgle month can change based on many different variables. There is no point in becoming aroused over who sold the most of anything, all you end up doing is using an aweful lot more tissue paper in the middle of the day instead of working.

Your last statement about irrelevance, is irrelevant.

You.. UltraNova... acted like a pompous fool.

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JBSleek1737d ago

You make articles to be the first to comment just to ridicule the Xbox One?

It's as if you are intimidated for it to sell well or just want to belittle people who own an Xbox One to make yourself feel better of your own purchase of PS4.

*Que the sales figures from NextLevel*

Septic1737d ago

"It's as if you are intimidated for it to sell well or just want to belittle people who own an Xbox One to make yourself feel better of your own purchase of PS4. "

Silly isn't it? Devoting all that energy into being an all out hater. Quite sad.

But OT, the fact that the sales doubled AND YET the X1 is still behind the PS4 is an indictment on the X1's woeful performance last month as well as a testament to the strength of PS4 sales.

christocolus1737d ago

@ JB&septic

where does Nxtlvl keep pulling these articles from?.Lmao. You got to admire him though..The guy has a vendetta and a mission statement. He aint hiding it or pretending and he definitly will not rest till MS is obliterated....which is actually quite sad.. Lol

MCTJim1737d ago

Exactly, I also cant help but notice that almost every article that this person submits is approved almost immediately. Please just stop with your hatred of the X1. We get it, you don't like the X1 or Microsoft.... you constantly trash the console, even the positives and thus you will just make another account to get more bubbles...just like the last time

Evilsnuggle1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

JBsleek @ /[email protected] [email protected]

Wow why are you so concerned with NEXT L and what article that NEXT L post. The reason you are so upset and every other xbonefanyboys is because what NL is saying is true . If you like xbone then why do you care what NL thinks or says. NEXT L is entitled to his or her own opinion so is truefan , Georgenoob /gutznpapercutz and jokes on you. If you are so bother by the articles NEXT L post don't read them or comment. now Microsoft is the victim ? How about when Microsoft tried to destroy gaming as we
Know it but know Microsoft the victim wow . Thank GOD multi billion Microsoft have you to defend them. We all now this just more spin from Microsoft because they will be outsold by PS4 again for the month of June.

liquidhalos1736d ago

I'd be more concerned with the fact that he has 10 people willing to approve his dog poo like articles

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scotmacb1737d ago

Lol the x1 is ahead of the 360 at this stage when it was released and that sold 80 million its doing just fine now go and get a girlfriend

RichardDawkins1737d ago

The X1 isn't competing with the's competing with the Ps4. Let's get back on topic.

kneon1737d ago

Only because it had a better launch, since the beginning of the year it's tanked and is selling below what the 360 did at this point in it's lifecycle.

Dewitt1737d ago

Well with Mario Kart 8 dropping last month this is to be expected, but XB1 is miles ahead of the Wii U.

2cents1737d ago

Next level.

you really do need to get a life. How you have the energy to keep this up really surprises me. Maybe you should direct that energy to something more worthy? Or is being a troll your goal in life?

MeliMel1737d ago

Ok buddy....whatever you say.


Lol, I bet you struggle in life...

TurfTyrant1737d ago

Despite whatever you read or believe the xbox is going to continue to sell well due to the new game line up the fall and into spring of next year (quantum break exclusive has to hurt, remedy is a masterful dev)
if the ps4 is so great then why aren't you playing it right now rather than spending hours trolling the recent success of the xbox one sales bump. you must have more free time with the lack of decent games on the ps4. personally I think this is a good sign and now im going to go play some titanfall while looking forward to sunset overdrive, halo master chief collection, and destiny.

btw the exclusive destiny content is such a marketing scheme and I cant believe people are getting bent over it. hours and hours of gameplay and people are getting upset over a few perks... I guess when you don't have halo to play as well you have to have something to brag about

funkybudda1737d ago

Sony learned from the best in timed excusives from Xbox, it must eating you up inside with the destiny DLC content. What comes around goes around eh?

Sure, go enjoy gaming on Titanfall on Xbox Done, I actually play that on my Alienware gaming PC and I got the game for cheaper compare to your $60 price. But since the game is not the greatest, I will fire up my PS4 to play some Infamous, play more of the Destiny Beta, and looking forward to TLOU Remaster, Driveclub, Order 1886 and Uncharted 4, oh and let's not forget about UC: remaster too.

TurfTyrant1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

no it doesn't bother me at all. the exclusives aren't even that good, that's my point. you will be waiting a while on that uncharted, which to me uncharted and last of us were the only games that I played on my ps3, god of war was fun but was too repetitive. and the last of us just came out, I wouldn't even look forward to replaying it. this gen xbox has the leg up on ps4 games. haha infamous and mlb is all you guys have had decent since launch. go enjoy them

Flames761737d ago

The Xbox One has already past the Wii U in sales in america only took 4 months to do it.It will pass it worldwide by september.Also you do know the Wii U is in over 50 countrys like the PS4 and the X1 is only in 13 countrys at the moment.Once september gets here and the X1 ships in the other 42 countrys it will be on the same playing field as the PS4 and Wii U

Necro_5591737d ago

HAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT!! The X1 is only about 1 million systems shy of the PS4. Not only that. But the X1 has outsold the Wii U massively. NOT ONLY THAT. But the X1 has outsold every console before it at this same time. You cant just make up lies. The PS4 and X1 are in head to heard weekly in the US. Sometime the X1 wins, sometime the PS4 wins. You sir are making up shit to fit a narrative. And i can not wait tell you get proven wrong. The WIi U isnt even in the same league as the X1 sales wise. It took the WIi U a year to sell 5 million systems. It took the X1 5 months. Nice lies though. The X1 and PS4 are head to head and MS is catching up. And this holiday, its only gooing to do better while the PS4 will slow down BECAUSE IT HAS NOT GAMES.

BlackWolf121737d ago

This is just Microsoft PR again. It is essentially a lie.

NPD numbers show that Xbox One sales did NOT double.

Gamer6661737d ago

They lost me at VGChartz...

nunley331737d ago

It turns out worse than than this for Microsoft, the numbers they released were from an an internal poll not official NPD numbers. PS4 selling at 270,000 and xbone selling at 195,000.

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user74029311737d ago

ps4 is the alpha male, the king of the jungle, the peoples champ.

DeadRabbits1737d ago

The xbone is a Cougar praying on impressionable young men. And when I say cougar think of Jackie Stallone!

Daz1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Ok to many these sold this and that articals. But im still in the lead bollocks.

Dont bother me whos winning i just play the games.

Eonjay1737d ago

Oh my goodness yes we get it.

christocolus1737d ago

Lmao.. Is he getting to you too? Lol

Eonjay1737d ago

I'm okay with a few good articles like this, but lets save the sales jargon for tonights article. There is a reason why we don't allow for dup articles. By the time the NPD breaks tonight, no one will want to talk about it.

MeliMel1737d ago


There will be talk just nothing good.

I told you PS4 sold more than XB1. XB1 sucks its not selling anywhere. Hey did you see this link? Its a link to XB1 suck and its being outsold by PS4..see you next week same time.. good day.

MeliMel1737d ago

Im glad im not the onlu one that feels that way. Then after he submits an article he is also the first to comment. Insecure much.

HaveSumNuts1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

No official numbers, just an observation. Dat clickbait title tho.

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