Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Preview | One Angry Gamer

One Angry Gamer "So there’s a new version of Diablo III inbound for home consoles this August; the name of the new version is Ultimate Evil Edition and it will bring with it some new features as well as some of the standard-fare content you would expect from Blizzard’s isometric loot-and-grind action-RPG."

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slate913174d ago

Gonna get as much play time with this as I can before Destiny drops

stavrami-mk23174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Just can't stop looking up classes and gameplay, weapons and items and skills it's taking over my life and it's not even here yet :-/

Speaking of looking up stuff can't seem to find anything that explains the difficulties for the ps4 version. Is it same as pc?

Becuzisaid3174d ago

Exactly the same from everything I've read

Mutant-Spud3174d ago

The PC version is going to be upgraded with patch 2.1 soon, I wonder if the console games are going to be 2.1 on release?
I've got both the PC and 360 versions so yeah, it's a bit rich that they're charging full price just for the extra content and not releasing it as an expansion...gah, who am I kidding, I'll still buy it.

wynams3167d ago

less than a month away from release and not a peep on a digital release from PSN

This is the type of game MADE FOR BUYING DIGITALLY so of course Sony is dragging their feet