Is Sony Worried Nintendo's Plans Could Hurt PS4 Sales?

In a recent interview at Eurogamer, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House stated that a big opportunity for Sony was to "welcome back" gamers who had previously bought a Wii. House plans to do this by having Sony remaster, reboot, or reimagine older PlayStation games for PS4 owners who have never played them before. One example is the upcoming remastered version of Naughty Dog's PS3 game The Last of Us, which Sony believes hasn't been played by a large number of PS4 owners. While House's plans might boost software sales among existing PS4 owners, his plan to bring "lost" Wii gamers back into the fold makes very little sense.

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JBSleek1743d ago

If you exclusivity bought a Wii to play Nintendo games why would you move to PS4? They didn't suddenly get Mario and Zelda.

NextLevel1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I'm pretty sure Sony isn't worried about either Nintendo or Microsoft. The Wii U and Xbox One are competing worldwide with the PS3 and PS Vita, not the PS4. The public has made their choice, now Sony will go after both their fanbases as much as they can.


Obviously, I'm talking sales in general. The Xbox One and Wii U's monthly sales are closer to the PS3 and Vita than the PS4. According to this weeks vgchartz the Xbox One outsold the Wii U by less than a 1000.

PS4 98,406
XOne 63,521
WiiU 62,668
PS3 48,402

Neonridr1743d ago

pretty sure the Vita is competing with the 3DS. Different markets.

darthv721742d ago

"House plans to do this by having Sony remaster, reboot, or reimagine older PlayStation games for PS4 owners who have never played them before."

These older games (much older than TLoU) are already available (or soon will be) on the PS store and PSNow service.

PS4 needs its own library of games and i understand the need to fill a void with some remastered ones but hopefully it does not push sony to remaster their entire catalog in the process.

Not sure where i read it but i believe the overwhelming majority of wii purchasers were casual people who got into the whole trend of the wii because it was the thing to do. Not because they went from one company (sony) to nintendo all of a sudden.

if sony lost certainly wasnt to the wii. it was to the 360 and we are already seeing many coming back. this is like Kenner trying to get back customers it lost to Tyco because of tickle me elmo when in fact those who bought tickle me elmo did so because they wanted to. Not because they were no longer interested in kenner products.

ABizzel11742d ago


I have seen some bad articles from motley fool, but this one pretty much takes the cake.

Sony has nothing to fear from Nintendo, and vice versa they are two completely different philosophies within the same medium.

Sony has gone on record countless times to say that for them, they see Nintendo as the gateway to gaming, and once those gamers are ready for a more mature gaming experience that they hope PS is that destination.

The Wii launched in 2006, which mean it's been 8 years and those kids are now teenagers or in their early twenties. Chances are they're looking for a more mature gaming experience if gaming has become a hobby or pastime for them.

With the PS4, XBO, and Wii U being the next big thing, they're not likely to go back and buy a PS3 or 360 to play those games they missed on the HD consoles. This means they're choices are to continue with Nintendo and go to the Wii U, or buy a PS4 or XBO if they're looking for a shooters, cinematic adventures, or other genres those consoles excel at over Nintendo.

It's common sense and logic. This has nothing to do with Sony or MS for that matter fearing Nintendo. June should have been the best selling month for both MS and Nintendo with the $399 SKU for the XBO releasing, and MK8 launching on the Wii U literally the day before, yet the PS4 still outsold them world wide, comfortably based on the knowledge we've gathered so far.

June WW rumored results:
PS4: 440k
Wii U: 304k
XBO: 254k

If the PS4 still outsold the competition at what should have been their best, with the PS4's worst month thus far, what do they have to fear?

Sony does not fear Nintendo, Nintendo does not fear Sony. They are both riding in their own lane.

Chrischi19881742d ago

First I thought, what the heck is this dude writing, but then I saw he only has 1 bubble, so I thought, now I know :D

Kiwi661742d ago

What does ms /xbox have to do with this article ? its about sony & nintendo

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1742d ago

That was only yoshida not sony as a whole in terms of console but 3DS is taking as competition.

N4g_null1742d ago

Great post ABizzel1 but you forgot one thing, soccer moms and old people don't buy ps3 games. They are not quiet good enough to compete against their favorite prime time show or cable series like dexter, true blood, game of thrones.

Those games are also not competition for nintendo franchises since sony doesn't really do addictive game play.

Also sony pretty much abandoned the ps move and a camera doesn't even come with each ps4.

If I'm a grown up I'm thinking about uhd not 8 gigs of gddr5 ram in a console.

The remastered thing would mean they would have to remaster ps2 games for me to get one since I got a ps3 and would not play most of their content even with the fixes.

It is also insulting to remake something graphical that we are ready didn't want and then tell us what we want.

MSBAUSTX1742d ago

Im pretty sure the vita is competing with virtua boy sales. It certainly isnt competing with any microsoft or nintendo product. However Wii U and XB1 sales are between ps3 and ps4 sales. They are both outselling ps3 and 360 by a lot and still selling on average 200k units per month. That isnt bad at all. Is it as good as PS4? No. But I think they will all be just fine

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ATi_Elite1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Wiiu out for 1.5 years = 6.6m in sales

PS4 out for 8 months = 8.4m in sales

Sony is NOT worried about Nintendo!

after Zelda and X then it's back to wondering what Nintendo will do besides sticking mario on every game in an attempt to save the wiiu.

Meanwhile Sony has offered up a CLEAR VIEW to their long term goals by showing lots and lots of quality GAMES!

ArcticGames1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Incoming wall of text! (Not really, but for impatient internet users, yes, (Pretty much everyone))

So the exact same first person shooter over and over with new characters, a new setting, and a couple new guns is sooooo much different right? At least some mario games aren't copy and paste. While I agree that new super mario bros is copy+paste, other titles aren't. Mario Kart (Does exactly what PS4 does, New characters, New setting, New vehicles.) , Mario Party (Same thing), Mario Maker (pretty different). Not trying to be a whiny fanboy, proving a correct point which some blind sony fans don't understand. While I agree that Sony isn't worried about Nintendo FOR NOW. SO in my view, you are beyond wrong on some points in your text. And why do sales matter in the category of actually good games. Well, we all have our opinions, not bashing Sony, have a nice day (Not Canadian)

Skankinruby1742d ago

are you high? When has sony EVER been profiled or known to milk fps franchises? That would be Microsoft. And when it comes to, as you say 'copy and paste', no one is more guilty than Nintendo and Mario. Sony is the ONLY company releasing new, quality, diverse exclusives both last gen and this one.

AWBrawler1742d ago

sure! ignore splatoon, bayonetta, devil's third, star fox, the hints at f-zero, miyamoto's 2 projects (still early beta, and such like it doesn't exist. lol splatoon will do well

DualWielding1742d ago

@Neonridr I disagree I think PS4 compete with Xbone and PC for the primary gaming platform position and Wii U, 3DS and Vita compete for the secondary platform position

XiSasukeUchiha1742d ago

Nintendo is about their own thing not coping the competition, and Sony is safe on their throne!

uth111742d ago

The 100 million Wii buyers didn't all buy the console for Mario/Zelda.

It seemed like the next big thing at the time.

Source: I moved from Wii to PS4

JBSleek1742d ago

Sure they bought it because it was cheap and innovative. Neither which the PS4 has going for it.

Benjaminkno1742d ago

I'm sure Sony is just interested in maintaining their momentum. I'm sure this holiday will be close with the two competing consoles. Kids are going to want MarioKart and Smash.

liquidhalos1742d ago

Whats with these daily articles, Is Sony worried, Is Microsoft worried, Is Santa worried.

I think as a gaming enthusiast who enjoys trawling for interesting, well written, relevant and factual articles with a hint of journalistic integrity, that im worried about these flame bait, troll food trashy headline articles.

These companies have been around for years, they understand the idea behind competition so no, they aren't worried. All 3 companies will eventually do well this generation and god willing future generations after that.

gerbwmu1742d ago

Santa is very worried..........the polar ice caps are melting and his workshop is in danger of flooding.

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user74029311743d ago

they both coexist great ;P nintendo rocks! so does sony.

MSBAUSTX1742d ago

Perfectly said! I have been sayingt he same thing in all of these articles. They will all be fine. Good thing for Nintendo that it is such an atractive secondary system and so dam fun to play. My XB1 is collecting dust right now until destiny and evolve.

Ezz20131743d ago

Why would sony worry about what nintendo do in first place ?!

randomass1711742d ago

Nintendo's a competitor of course. If you're in the industry and trying to compete, you'd be smart to worry about your competition. It's why Sony is miles ahead of Microsoft right now! As a fan of both Sony and Nintendo, I think Sony has no reason to worry. Both consoles can coexist just fine. They compliment each other quite well IMO.

saviin1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Sony' s worried about nintendo, and Microsoft. Apple, and steamboxes. It would be shortsighted not to look at all their competitors. It's why they seem to always have answer to every gimmick even if it's not the exact thing.

Eonjay1743d ago

"The Wii U still trails the 8.4 million PS4s that Sony has sold, but it remains comfortably ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One, which last reported sales of 4.8 million."

They are trying to make the case that Wii U is more direct competition to the PS4 than the Xbox One.

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