The PS4 And Xbox One Console War, According To N4G

EGMR writes: "During an EGMR podcast recording this week I fired up N4G as usual to see the trending hot topics and assess whether anything could be worthwhile as discussion in our session. What I saw on N4G, rather than interest me, set me into a fit of laughter, and I subsequently sent the link to the rest of the team and actually made them look. New trends have certainly risen in haste over this console generation that is still in its infancy, and there have already been some great opinions around the internet in response to it all. But few things summarise what the current-gen console war between the PS4 and Xbox One is all about better than N4G’s trending topics as it was last night."

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user74029311558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

tlou got a ton of coverage lol:p

Funky Town_TX1558d ago

That goes to show that this gen has no games. I have to force my self to play my Ps4 so that I don't feel like I wasted $400 plus on a console plus games. The best game on the PS4 is a PS3 game, WTF. Sad day for gamers. The messed up part is that ND could have just spent that time making a new IP for the PS4. Talk about milking. Is TLOU even a year old? And before the SDF talk about M$, I don't have an x1 and Don't plan to get one anytime soon. My focus is on PS4.

Mikelarry1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

"The messed up part is that ND could have just spent that time making a new IP for the PS4"

they are making a new IP which hasn't been announced yet, also dont forget uncharted 4 they are also working on that and not completely focused on TLOU

edit: @ xsilver just had to put in that kermit meme :)

Xsilver1558d ago

Naughty are making Two games UC4 and an unannounced IP but that's not business and no one is forcing anybody to buy TLOU Remastered so why are you complaining about it i'll never understand

dcj05241558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You should check out Final Fantasy XIV:A Real Reborn. It's been my main game since March. Another one you should play is Warframe. It's time consuming but very fun. If you can find Shadowfall on a sale grab that too, best FPS on PS4 so far. Those are a few games, hope I helped! Edit: DC Universe is pretty fun too.

cleft51558d ago

I keep track of the headlines for N4G because I think it gives a very good trend of what is hot in the gaming world. From what I saw and continue to see, Sony is doing very well. Typically, the Sony articles are very positive and popular. For a while the Microsoft news was negative, but as of late there has been a good push for positive Microsoft content. Nintendo is barely represented, but during E3 they where very popular. N4G gives you a very good and honest look at the way gamers are feeling in the moment, which is why I love this site.

creatchee1558d ago

@Funky Town_TX

"I don't have an x1 and Don't plan to get one anytime soon. My focus is on PS4."

This isn't directed at you particularly, but it was inspired by what you said.

Something I find to be simultaneously hilarious and sad is the fact that we, as commenters (and even the author of this article), have to specifically and repeatedly indicate to the world that we own a console or game that we choose to criticize. It's like we already know that we'll be called a troll or something similar if we don't say "hey, I own this, so I have a right to criticize it." I've done it, and I hate having to do it. We should be able to legitimately criticize without being called out by the idiots of the world - most of whom are the worst offenders in terms of illegitimate criticism.

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chrissx1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

TLOU is everywhere and deservedly so. Best game in recent times. Ps4 looking to keep up sonys dominance

TheDevKit1558d ago

It's a great game; however, it does have some flaws, such as the A.I.

I wouldn't call it a master piece, but I don't consider it mediocre.

Goro1558d ago

You made a comment stating that TLOU isn't the best game ever created on N4G. The fanboys are coming, and they're bringing their disagrees with them.

LAWSON721558d ago

I can accept the praise even though I think it is overrated, but when it wins innovation awards it does not deserve I amleft scratching my head.

Septic1558d ago

Lol oh man; N4G's take on the console goes something like this:

1) LOL XBONE has failed
2) PS4 tech is so formidable it will soon allow slipstream travel

Does the attention TLOU remaster is getting, on here of all places, surprise anyone? Remember guys. Visuals and resolution matters....except when PC's get involved in the discussion.

Xsilver1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

"Does the attention TLOU remaster is getting, on here of all places, surprise anyone?"

I'm sorry what noteworthy game is coming out in the following days of July? :/ oh yeah only the TLOU so is it really that surprising that allot of articles are covering the game because they want to know what the game looks like on the PS4 and how better it performs(and all the heat around the article means people are interested soooo yeah), i bet when the Destiny beta goes live for everyone today on N4G,N4G is gonna flooded with same types of articles like the ones for TLOU but instead for destiny, but will you guys be moaning about it because none of you moaned when the site was covered with Titanfall articles about performance around it's release buttttttttttttttttttt that's not my business patiently waiting for my Destiny Beta Code like seriously when the hell do we get it.

SonyNGP1558d ago

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

Septic1558d ago

Using your logic, which game is coming out first, TLOU or Destiny beta? Oh yeah. Shouldn't this be littered with Destiny stuff more then?

Lets ignore the fact that the community on this site has been one-sided for years shall we?

Xsilver1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

oh yeah that too but we can't act like the hype for that game is same as TLOU

"Using your logic, which game is coming out first, TLOU or Destiny beta?

your comparing a beta to a full Game okie dokie I just can't i don't know how to respond tbh

"Lets ignore the fact that the community on this site has been one-sided for years shall we?"

I wonder which side your talking about hmmmmmm this site changes like the weather when a new generation begins so nothing new.

rdgneoz31558d ago

Do you remember a few years ago when it was 360 vs PS3, with tons of visual breakdowns of every single game? Digital foundry reviews of everything, people nitpicking AA with magnifying glasses. And if I'm not mistaken, there were still PCs... The same guys saying visuals and resolution mattered, are now the ones who are claiming they don't. The 360 had the best visuals for a while because it was easier to work with than the cell. Eventually the PS3 got games like Uncharted / Last of Us, Killzone, etc when devs got use to working with it.

This gen, both systems use the x86 architecture and similar CPUs (no cell this time). Meaning the only difference is going to be hardware specs. People like Sessler who preached graphics and said next gen should be 1080p / 60 fps, then doing a 180 ( ). And seeing how things are turning out so far, (for some) revenge never tasted so sweet.

Also, is it considered a war if you beat up a midget?

Macdaddy711558d ago

Sooner or later we die hard gamers will learn to wait a year to buy next gen, lol... I bought both on each release dates, and I can say I don't own a game for ps4 n have 14 for X1... I think I really will wait the next time around...

ABizzel11558d ago

Not going to get into why you have 14 vs 0, but you should have at least 20 games on your PS4. Do you not have PS+ or the F2P games?

LAWSON721558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Well zero is farfetched but so is 20 unless you count those cheap indie games that are given away for free every month.

ABizzel11557d ago


Those "cheap indie games" have better ratings than most AAA games on these consoles, and that's exactly what I meant.

Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, Outlast, Dead Nation, Mercenary Kings, Pixel Junk Shooter, Trine 2, Strider, and Towerfall are all good games (2 more PS+ games, but I haven't played them yet).

DC Universe, Warframe, War Thunder, and Blacklight are all F2P, and at least decent.

That's 16 games right there that you paid absolutely nothing for outside of PS+.

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