Star Fox Wii U: 10 Killer Features It Must Have

What Culture: What key ingredients need to be included to make sure Fox McCloud's return is a glorious one?

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fatneal1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

i just want a nice balance of starfox 64 and starfox assault with a dash of adventure...if they can deliver good ship battles and allow me to get out of vehicles and walk around then ill be more that happy...

also 4 vs 4 airship battle multiplayer would be great too

Lighter91557d ago

"10: Proper use of the Wii U Pad.
9:Multiplayer (seriously?)
8:Amiibo support
7:3DS Connections
6:A Solid Ground Game (3rd person part like SF Adv.)
5:A compelling narrative
4:That old familiar feeling
3:A Huge Open World
2:A Koji Kondo Musical Score
1:Spectacular Space Battles

No one should have to click through 10+ pages when it could've easily of been on 1 page.

ArcticGames1557d ago

Thanks, you are a legend for that :P

Geekman1557d ago

I'm thinking of Zelda style combat if they do combat outside the ship. Z-target and shoot from afar, Z-target and flipkick up close.