Kickstarter-funded Yogventures Cancelled, Shows Why Gamers Should Be Careful With Kickstarters

DSOGaming writes: "Kickstarters have been popping up like mushrooms lately, giving gamers the choice to back up a project that at least looks and sounds interesting. However – and as we’ve already claimed – gamers should be aware that some projects may never see the light of day. Yes, some may sound cool, others may sound original, and others may be innovative for their times. The thing is, there is no guarantee that the developers will meet their goals."

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DiscoKid1557d ago

It's not cancelled if they still plan to release a game, regardless of who the new studio is.

john21557d ago

Yogventures is officially cancelled. It's not being passed to another dev so they can continue its development. TUG is another game from a different studio with a different concept.

NewMonday1555d ago

and this is after the funds were more than double the minimum goal.

wheresmymonkey1557d ago

Dangers of investing in things i'm afraid. What peopel need to understand is that when you back a kickstarter you're helping to fund development, not preordering the final product.

Summons751557d ago

I bet... Only proves how kick starters are scams. Shovel KNIGHT, M#9 and broken age are the only exceptions and two of those games had funding and support but they wanted fan support for a bit extra. Games would of released regardless.

LordMaim1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

FTL? Oculus Rift? Tesla Effect? Alien Frontiers? Agents of SMERSH? None of these games/products would exist today if not for the crowdsourced support they received through Kickstarter.

There are literally a ton of successful products launched through Kickstarter all the time, and though many suffer delays, the instance of an outright default on a product is surprisingly low.

Summons751557d ago

FTL sucked, Tesla effect alien frontiers, smersh meh, oculus rift bunch of sellouts and no focus on gaming anymore and Dont for get everyone's favorite joke of the century the Oyua.

I hear more stories about scams or "failed " projects that I see successful games. Kick stars is a site for people to beg for money because no real business would pick up their idea because its bad.

LordMaim1555d ago

@Summons75: Ah okay, so you're just wrong. Now it makes sense. Carry on.

MassOnesumis1557d ago

I heard Divinity is being held as one of the best Wrpg in recent memory.

But all the critically good games that come from Kickstarter have veterans or experienced people in the industry working on them. This has indie devs unfamiliar with several vital aspects of the game development. Even then there are still risk.

hkgamer1557d ago

yogscast is a youtube podcast thing right? people actually thought it was smart to back them?

i feel sorry for the people that back these projects that dont succeed. its a shame that these guys are not good at planning a budget.

DJ1557d ago

What these guys did is illegal and they will probably get sued.

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