DICE aiming for Star Wars Battlefront to be 'the best Star Wars game ever'

DICE is aiming for Star Wars Battlefront to be "the best Star Wars game ever created", according to general manager Karl-Magnus Troeddson, who says that the studio's partnership with LucasFilm has been "absolutely spectacular".

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AgentSmithPS41558d ago

The future looks dicey, I hope they have aim assist.

dcj05241558d ago

Ewwwwwwwww NO! Aim Assist is cancer in competitive Multiplayer games.

Neixus1558d ago

I'm pretty sure his comment was just meant to be funny, as the title is ''DICE -aiming- for Star Wars Battlefront to be the best Star Wars game ever'

ikkokucrisis1558d ago

Well I'll see how the Alpha (release date of the game) goes, and then join in a year after its release when it's in its beta state! :)

hay1557d ago

Personally I haven't seen anything spectacular from DICE since Motorhead, and this makes me shiver in fear for the Battlefront.

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Magicite1557d ago

I dont trust EA a single bit anymore, but lets give it a last chance.

mixelon1558d ago

Better than the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games?

Good luck with that Dice! There have been a lot of pretty great SW titles.

CyrusLemont1558d ago

Dice's aims will be plundered by EA's greed.

ExposingLames1558d ago

DICE lol. No thanks ill pass. I've played enough broken Battlefield games. Learned my lesson.

Panthers1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Well at the core, BF4 was such a fun game, but the problems were inexcusable. Still, I hope they will release a much less buggy version for this game. I enjoyed BF4 very much and was my favorite PS4 launch game.

Lets just say I am cautiously optimistic.

Patrick_pk441558d ago

Everyone blames DICE for Battlefield 4 when EA were the ones to rush the project out early.

dcj05241558d ago

Right? 2 years is NOT enough for a game of such scale. 3 years minimum.

ExposingLames1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

DICE made the game dice gets blame. EA are half of the issue too, but you are responsible for what you do. Whoever thinks different needs to grow up.

You don't get a pass because someone told you to do it and rushed you. At the end of the day your games either are broken and suck ass because of it, or you games are quality and deserve support. DICE games are broken, rushed, pieces of crap.

My blood still boils when I think of the months and months of playing BF3 after I got my release day pre order. The huge amount of issues and glitches were neverending...not to mention the PS3 issues of the broken party and mic system in a MULTIPLAYER SHOOTER inexusable. You live and you learn though and thats the last DICE game i'll ever own.

Skate-AK1558d ago

Pretty sure they also said they were aiming for Battlefield 4 to be the best Battlefield ever.

filipakos1558d ago

Well it is a really good and fun game(if you dont count the technical issues)

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