High Quality Renders of All Announced Smash Bros Characters

Want to see some high quality renders of all the announced Smash Bros characters? Of course you do!

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3-4-51554d ago

Seeing these gave me an idea.

Super Smash Brothers RPG.

Action-RPG with towns and visible enemies and leveling up.

* Recruit different Smash characters in their respective villages or towns.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1554d ago

SSB RPG will need to use Tales series battle system considering the directional attacks and specials.

3-4-51554d ago

ehh except it would be live attacks and not just triggering moves, but yea something similar, but more advanced.

Geekman1554d ago

It amazes me how little Kirby graphicaly evolves.

BlackWolf1554d ago

Not like you have to do much to update a pink ball with red shoes. Still, it looks great.