Cuphead: How Microsoft Found Its Next Indie Hit On NeoGAF

NowGamer: "We spoke to the developer behind Cuphead, Studio MDHR, about its inspirations, hand animation, boss battles and a possible PS4 and PS Vita release."

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Majin-vegeta1555d ago

Yes hopefully it does end up on PS direction

NewMonday1550d ago

"Our official statement is that Cuphead will launch first on Xbox One and Steam and we will consider all other options in the future!"

looking forward to playing this on the Vita

XiSasukeUchiha1555d ago

Interesting, and beautiful story indeed.

KentBlake1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

This is one of my most anticipated indie games ever...I'm obsessed with 1930's cartoons. My biggest gaming dream is an open world RPG in a world like this, with different worlds, each with a different cartoon art style from various decades.

truefan11555d ago

This will be a great game, very unique. Hopefully it has many weapons similar to contra back in the day. The boss battles sound awesome.

MasterCornholio1555d ago

But didn't you say that you hated indie games?

Your so confusing.


Magicite1554d ago

no, he just hates everything sony related.
he would adore killzone if it would be ported to xbox.

Master-H1554d ago

Oh so now indies games are cool again, gotcha.

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