Will This Be The Last Generation Dominated By The Games Console?

IM PLAYIN asks if this is the last generation dominated by the games console, and if the new technologies, like the Oculus Rift, will be popular enough to change how we game.

"Over the past two decades, there have been a plethora of games consoles that have come and gone, some rather unceremoniously, I’m looking at you Dreamcast. The only ones that have truly stood the test of time are the consoles by Nintendo and Sony, though Nintendo definitely seem on the way out after the somewhat frosty reception for the Wii U. Microsoft have been in the game for a while, though not as long as Sony or Nintendo. The PC, however, has always been there. Nowadays PCs are getting faster, more powerful and cheaper. Plus, there are an absolute tonne of games available on the PC that aren’t available on consoles (and very few the other way around). Steam is giving PC gamers fantastic deals on relatively new games, plus some developers are even giving early access to players through Steam, so that they can help them develop their games as they play, examples being DayZ and H1Z1 (in the very near future)."

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Ezz20131556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

for the 100th time ....NO

consoles will always stay as long as gamers want them

johndoe112111556d ago

I know that this will sound like some serious conspiracy theorists crap but I'm beginning to think that there is a serious push by some pc group out there to spread as much FUD about consoles as possible in order to destroy console gaming.

Consoles and pc's are two different markets. I have no idea why people can't get that through their skulls. I have a gaming PC and consoles and don't feel like I need to give up one or the other. I switched to 85% console gaming because consoles just have more of the games I want to play and a more enjoyable online experience FOR ME.

It's like people are being told they have to choose one or the other and that is bull. They both have their pros and cons and, it is up to each individual to choose which is best for them. For me, the cons of pc gaming outweigh the pros so I am quite contented focusing more on my consoles.

I do not foresee console gaming leaving anytime soon and I think that that is a good thing for the industry.

DeadRabbits1556d ago

NVIDIA more then likely are behind said conspiracy!

Stapleface1556d ago

I have to agree about there not being a reason to choose. Get both if you can. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum where the good of pc far outweigh the cons, for me. But I can't see leaving consoles behind completely. First off, I'm not going to let my son and his cousin play on my expensive pc (leaving out numbers as to not sound like I'm bragging or being "elitist") with out supervision (appropriate games). If they break the $400 console, I'm pissed, but not devastated. Second, a monopoly on gaming would be terrible in many ways, our wallets wouldn't know what hit them. Plus game diversity would be worse than it is now. Consoles and Pc's both doing well is great for the industry and I hope both markets continue to grow.

vishmarx1556d ago

pc's have always had way better hardware,
and it hasnt mattered a bit,
i got my first pc in early 2000,
64mb ram,555mhz p3
sob couldnt even run max payne,and there we were 3 years later ,a ps2 which wasnt even half as powerful was running max payne 2.
my point is,
there are things pc will always be more capable of,but a console will always be more efficient

TekoIie1556d ago

"I know that this will sound like some serious conspiracy theorists crap but I'm beginning to think that there is a serious push by some pc group out there to spread as much FUD about consoles as possible in order to destroy console gaming."

I think it's just that its never been easier to get into PC gaming, and there was a sizeable growth in market during 2013.

To be honest it's more about media outlets noticing that more people are playing on PC, and almost "catering" to that crowd with articles that are related to PC gaming.

No conspiracy just basic buisness.

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craig2web1556d ago

That wasn't the question. The question posed by the article is this the last generation that consoles will dominate.

JBSleek1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Hmm don't really know. Who is to say in 2020 you can just hook your phone or tablet to a TV get a controller and play AAA games on the screen.

Gaming consoles aren't going anywhere but they could see a decline as hardware in other sectors continues to grow at such a rapid pace. Mobile chips will likely rival consoles in 2-3 years.

Subjectively speaking Steam is a better platform then all consoles. Yes I am bias clearly as we all are but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Steam has:

-Cheaper Software
-Huge Library of games, some of which is only on Steam
- Not paying for your own use of internet
-Free games
-Huge number of gamers to play with

I still think people should and will own consoles of course they great games exclusive to their own consoles yet other platforms may challenge their dominance next generation and honestly have already started.

daggertoes831556d ago

Exactly. The future is a playstation now type service for any platform. Sony,Microsoft etc will make money on games etc.. The future is streaming. Maybe not by 2020, but it's coming. Consoles are dying whether gamers want to admit it or not.

JBSleek1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I didn't say all that. Streaming may be the distant future but I was talking about next generation.

Mobile and PC is likely what will dominate next generation and honestly I can make an argument that it already has.

"Then by your logic so is pc gaming. If you don't need a console to game then you don't need a pc to game."

Sure they will see a decline as well. nVidia will make their money from their Tegra line of mobile chips. AMD? Well I don't know likely by having their parts in consoles.

johndoe112111556d ago

Then by your logic so is pc gaming. If you don't need a console to game then you don't need a pc to game. Why should I have a gaming pc if the future is streaming? I can stream a lot more comfortably on my couch than slumped in front of a desk watching a 22" monitor.

I'm not saying you are one because I don't know (and frankly it is irrelevant anyway) but I have seen a lot of pc elitist guys make similar comments trying to show that death of consoles without realizing that streaming will get rid of gaming hardware on the whole. ALL. Including pc.

How will nvidia and amd make money out of gaming hardware if no one needs to buy gaming components when you can stream AAA high quality titles off of a $250 desktop? Hence the reason pc guys wanting consoles to go extinct are morons and the same goes for console guys wanting pc gaming to go extinct.

Kurisu1556d ago

I hope not! But technology moves so fast these days that it's impossible to tell.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Here we go again. Every gen this shit keeps getting brought up. And guess what when the new consoles get released they sell like crazy. Consoles will never die. And no shitty tablets won't take over.

Playstation and Nintendo will always be here. They have been for the past 20 and 35 years. And I'm sure Xbox will be here too.

craig2web1556d ago

Consoles are selling like crazy - for now. Never say never. See Atari, Sega, etc. The truth is, the processing power of phones and tablets is quickly catching up to consoles.

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