Club Nintendo Have Dropped the Ball in North America

If you have a Nintendo device, you probably know a little about Club Nintendo. For diehard fans it has been an excellent way to grab exclusive items available absolutely nowhere else. This year they've decided to go with something simpler - and have damaged the service in the process.

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Neonridr1555d ago

While I am not upset that we are getting free games, I do agree with the author in that there is nothing special about reaching Gold or Platinum status this year. Anyone off the street could pay and have the same things that we "earned" by being loyal members. The posters, CDs, statues, etc were a nice little way of being exclusive. Here's hoping they get enough grief from all of us that they go back to the way it was next year.

That being said, I got Dr. Luigi and I am looking forward to playing it.

colonel1791554d ago

I have a Wii U and most of the games offered are for 3DS! I only reached Gold this time, and it's even worse!

I've always loved Club Nintendo, but I agree this year sucked.

guitarded771554d ago

Wait... what free games are we getting? Did I miss something? I know we can get games with our points earned from purchasing Nintendo stuffs, but that's not "free".

Neonridr1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

@guitarded77 - let me guess, but PS+ games are free right?

You are buying a game anyways, but with Nintendo you are getting points that can be redeemed to get free games. Technically the games are free, unless you are purchasing games solely for the purpose of attaining enough coins to then redeem for a free game.

guitarded771553d ago

@Neonrider - I didn't say that. I was asking if I was missing something with "free" games. I hate missing out on freebies. It's guys like you that always have to turn it into some fanboy thing. I'm guessing you're answering my question though. They are the earned rewards that we get from purchasing Nintendo products. I get the same thing by using my Sony CC account. I make all PSN purchases (and some other purchases) with it and earn rewards with it to get earned games, PSN cards, PS+. I don't call them free, because I have to spend money... just like airline miles. There is a difference. I've gotten several games through Club Nintendo, but I'm sitting on 600 coins until they offer something I want, or don't already have.

randomass1711554d ago

I agree that it's disappointing, but since all the stuff doesn't even cost club coins, I'm not all that upset. I got my free game (Game & Wario yay!) so I'm good. :)

GamingSinceThe80s1554d ago

I was thinking of getting G&W as my free game.How is it?

randomass1711554d ago

Haven't played it yet. I'm too busy rockin' Shovel Knight and Resonance of Fate on PS3! :D

ZoidsRaven1554d ago

My only problem with Club Nintendo is when I tried to get that 3DS case that costs a lot of those points and they didn't fukan send it to the right address...... TWICE.. Other than that, I think they're ok. 7_7

Dudebro901554d ago

Its a free program...FREE!

How people complain about getting free games is beyond stupid.

matgrowcott1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I think the problem is specifically that they're getting free games that they could buy anyway, and in fact, given that it's an incentive program based around buying a huge amount of Nintendo products, that they probably already have. Which is fair enough really. If you're involved in an incentives program and then the incentive turns out to have not been worth it, you're going to have a problem.

GamingSinceThe80s1554d ago

I understand why they went all digital because they are losing millions of dollars a year these days,because they aren't making that Wii money anymore and sending out all that free stuff has to be very expensive.Maybe next year they could do something like the ambassador program and give us a game that is not yet on the V.C.

Chrischi19881554d ago

It is still free, they dont have to offer anything, this is just their way to say thanks. Nobody has the right to complain, it is not like you paid for it, if you bought games solely for some points at club nintendo, you must be retarted...

It is a gift from nintendo, no strings attached, I dont get, how people always complain, like furious animals, about stuff, they get for free. Nobody has to take it, you know?

matgrowcott1554d ago


I think you've got it. That would probably make a lot of disappointed fans much happier.


You have an odd definition of free. To me, free means that they're literally giving it out to anybody that wants it. In Nintendo's case, you're getting a tiny amount of cashback for every purchase, and in return you potentially buy more product and occasionally fill in valuable surveys.

You're right, they don't have to do it, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they're not doing it for the good of their fan PR. They're doing it because it benefits them somehow.

Axonometri1554d ago

I will complain when Nintendo release a game like Paper Mario for Wii U as a reward option and after having selected it, you come to find it can only be downloaded on the Wii part of the console. And more to complain, after having downloaded it for the Wii booting section of the Wii U, you come to find that it can only be played with a controller that Nintendo no longer manufactures!

These are surely valid complaints for a free download reward program. It's lazy. They should have brought the game into Wii U virtual console where everyone could use it.

Dudebro901554d ago

It clearly states on the image of the game on the reward websites if its for wii u, or if its for wii u through the Wii channel.

Its not their fault you dont understand it.

elhebbo161554d ago

Jesus you're so entitled. If nintendo doesn't think its the right time to release Paper Mario then they shouldn't release it. There's still plenty of other great games coming our way.

randomass1711554d ago

lol I feel you Dudebro. People often complain about free stuff on PS+ too. I'll just never understand it.

zugdar1554d ago

Free is free however...

Japanese fans get more options, better items and more promos. Europe has triple the selection than the US and frankly, from a business standpoint, the US is Nintendo's bread and butter.

I was bummed by the offerings this year because getting exclusive items is way better than a game I don't have time to play IMO.

atticus141554d ago

while I somewhat agree that maybe it should be seen more as a bonus then anything, the program in itself encourages people to buy their products new for the sole reason of collecting coins to redeem for stuff.

Now this will vary from person to person but I would say lots of people who would typically buy used, pony up the extra cash to buy new for the sole reason of getting those rewards, but if the rewards are not good, most will go back to buying used or renting.

So those games are about as free, as the "free" games on PS+ (which cost a 50 annual Subscription).

People seem to be eating up the word "free" all the times these days when its just a manipulation of a word attached to a service that definitely costs money.

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tortri1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You usually get Nintendo specific physical items you can't get anywhere else. For example for 650 nintendo japan points you can get a stuffed yoshi. Back when it was awesome I had platinum and got a Mario hat that I can wear and I still have it! Now it's digital games that anyone can me this says nintendo got cheap and don't care for its members staying loyal.

This makes me not to try to be a gold or platinum member next year.

bobsmith1554d ago

I got nes remix 15 dollar value and with the coins I got getting plat got super mario world, mario party 2, mario kart 64 over 40 dollars free and got pikmin 3 free with kart 8 thats over 100 dollars. club nintendos awesome.

-Foxtrot1554d ago

The US Nintendo Club had much more better stuff then the rest of us.

randomass1711554d ago

Sorry to hear that. :( What was offered to club members in your area?

zugdar1554d ago

Not sure. Besides some limited items Jp and Eu have a much larger selection.

-Foxtrot1554d ago

Honestly we got the odd statue here and there the ones which cost 5000 stars but it's usually little trinkets like pencils, cases, posters etc

I just felt the US ones had a much wider option to choose from

Shame Nintendo never let us buy them with real money aswell. Those Mario Kart trophies were amazing yet my collection is incomplete. I'm telling you Nintendo could make a killing of these sort of things. Who wouldn't want replica, full scale trophies from Mario Kart in their room.

Chrischi19881554d ago

But they dont want you to be able to buy them for money, because this way the stuff stays unique and special. Ok, same thing doesnt go for digital games, which you can buy everywhere :)

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