Nintendo Download (7/17/14, North America)

Nintendo has announced the games/demos/sales out on the North American Nintendo digital platforms today.

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Dunban671646d ago

Slow down there Nintendo- you don t want to dump your whole IP library on us in one shot!!

You don t want to spoil us wiiu owners w games

Spookshow1646d ago

I love Nintendo, but the sluggish pace to release their VC games is mind blowing!!! Hire some programmers and have them port the Wii VC game library to the WiiU VC, or better yet have them port NGC games or something!!! If you don't got a ton of 3rd party support to fill out the gaps, then play to your strenghts... VC, old games, nostalgia, etc.

No excuse about releasing all these old games so slowly.


XXXL1646d ago

This is pathetic. You can stick mr. Driller 2 up your virtual ass Nintendo