Ivory Tower Explains Why The Crew Is Not 60fps On The PS4 And Xbox One

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are working on The Crew which will take the racing genre into a new direction. Instead of limiting the player to a track, the developers have opened up the entire United States for the player.

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beepbopadoobop1648d ago

Bit of a shame, racing games really do benefit from 60fps but I supposed I would rather have the game run smoother over all then struggle with 60fps!

gameseveryday1648d ago

Well, 60fps is a must for linear racers. The Crew is a massive open world role playing car game. I am really happy with this hitting 1080p and 30fps.

frostypants1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

"60fps is a must for linear racers."

No, it's really not. Nice, sure. A necessity? Hardly. Depends on the whole package.

uth111648d ago

NFS rivals is 1080p/30fps and it looks great and plays fine

1648d ago
Magicite1648d ago

seems there wont be much open-world games with 60fps.

amnalehu1648d ago

Metal gear is the only one I have seen so far.

King_of_Nothing1648d ago

This is pretty much expected given that its an openworld game. The game still looks really good despite not being 60fps.

wheresmymonkey1648d ago

Personally i'd be happier with sub 1080 and a locked 60 fps, Driving games pretty much demand it.

ATi_Elite1648d ago

I agree with you!

drop the resolution down to 900p and push for a solid 60fps.

e-p-ayeaH1648d ago

it should have an option for that

1648d ago
tee_bag2421646d ago

Totally agree. 30fps is a racing game is a deal breaker. Seriously WTF.

Fatmanp1648d ago

At least they did not use the, "It was a design decision" excuse.

tee_bag2421646d ago

Haha yeah. "We're going for the filmic look".. best Spin ever

Tzuno1648d ago

This gen is about struggle next gen will be real 1080p and 60fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.