Call Of Duty Sale Fires On To The PSN Store

A Call of Duty sale is now live on the PSN store and will run until July 30th. You can make digital savings on the games (though you can pick up most physical games at retail cheaper) and DLC packs, including Call of Duty Classic which was the original PC release from way back in 2003. You can also pick up Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified for the PS Vita, ok its singleplayer campaign is lame, but the multiplayer is half decent at least.

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Lionalliance1643d ago

Are these sales?! they're still freaking expensive!!

ZombieKiller1643d ago

That's COD for you. Expensive enough to where it goes on's still expensive.

I sat there and looked at the Ghosts page. Looking at all the DLC on the game it all added up to almost $200 with the game included.

Too much for an annual game.

Summons751643d ago

That's what a lot of people have been saying for years now but the cod fanboys call us haters because they can't see the truth.

ZombieKiller1642d ago

Or they choose not to. Blind fanboys are blind and will defend what they believe in ....even if they know it's bad for them. Oh well

Akira20201643d ago

Wow, a sale for rich people...sign me up!

3-4-51643d ago

uhhh does activision understand what a sale is?

kreate1643d ago

Someone email bobby....

ZombieKiller1643d ago

Apparently Bobby might get fired....

Same outcome if he wasn't though....nothing.

Ripsta7th1643d ago

WOW, i can get all games on Craigslist for like $60!!! What a rippoff

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