Square Enix Publishing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 In Japan As A PlayStation Exclusive

It’s been a long time since a Spider-Man video game was released in Japan. I believe the last one actually localized for Japan was Spider-Man 3. Square Enix will end the webbing drought by publishing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Japan, but Beenox’s game will only be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Mikelarry1556d ago

Although i dont care for this game as it was trash there seems to be a trend with third party games being locked down as ps exclusive in japan first it was detiny now this and if this continues MS fight in japan just got harder

ScorpiusX1556d ago

If that's the case then MS is going to have to pull out the check book and do what it does best and can afford to do. Which by all means I welcome.

liquidhalos1556d ago

Why? Do you live in Japan?

knifefight1556d ago

You gotta use, like, some punctuation there, dude. There's no excuse for that post. Not a single period, comma, or apostrophe in sight. Ugh.

On topic:
This doesn't change much, but might be an indication of things to come.
Dark Souls and several other multiplat games were PlayStation-only in Japan. Trying to sell Xbox versions just wasn't making the money back for publishers, oft times.

Mikelarry1556d ago

lol you are right, apologies for my poor use of the English language.

Volkama1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

This and Destiny, both Activision games right?

I think it's quite interesting that Activision are opting against publishing in the region themselves. Says a lot about the value of the console market in Japan right now and/or the effort required to distribute there.

ScorpiusX1556d ago

That's one game they can keep exclusive cause it bad.

hkgamer1556d ago

does it matter?
dont think this game was on any nintendo devices and xbox owners are tiny.

Volkama1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Xbox owners are tiny? Hmmm interesting if true.

Does this apply worldwide, or just in Japan?

Would you speculate that perhaps tiny people are buying Xboxes because of the sheer size of the console? Compensating for their own size?

I think if I was tiny I'd go the opposite way, and buy really small things so that I'd look bigger in photos and stuff.

hkgamer1556d ago


i think average height for japanese males are 5ft6 i think. so its kinda tiny.

jagermaster6191556d ago

Lucky.......Aw why does PS get all the good games? Haha wow who cares about that poopfest of a game they completely destroyed the last one and im sure it will soon repeat itself. I personally think they have milked the crap out of that poor cows tits, I think so bad that its nipples have turned inside out and got squeezed out its hairy anus creating those poop games we all no as Spiderman so please stay away kids unless you are Into that sort of thing......