IGN Zelda Review 9.5

Ocarina, your time is up. It took Nintendo almost a decade to do it, but the publisher has finally created a new Zelda game that is so well-designed and so epic that it deserves to be crowned the best in its class. Twilight Princess spent four years in development by one of the most talented teams in the world. The game, helmed by Eiji Aonuma (Majora's Mask, Wind Waker) is every bit the culmination of the franchise and also a true spiritual sequel to the Big N's 1998 N64 classic. This is much larger, darker and more difficult adventure than GameCube's Wind Waker, which is sure to please purists. It is also a title that is best on Wii thanks to exclusive gesture-based controls and some added display functionality. But is it perfect? Keep reading to find out.

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Odiah4448d ago

Roll on December 8th.

UNREAL-T4448d ago

if i'm going to get the WII. i think i'll get my ps3 first then if i have enough money to get the WII i'll get it. i loved the first ZELDA on N64. whatchu guys think?

HyperBear4448d ago

OK, this game almost beat Gears Of War?, and a) its not even in HD, b) not that great graphics wise c) just another Zelda game. Honestly, I do think its awesome and love Zelda, but there have been soo many Zelda games, and now this one for Wii, almost beats a new, original title called Gears of War, i dnuno about that. But w/e, everyone is picking this game up in less than 24hrs. So i might as well to.

jacen10004448d ago

yes zelda will be top i think like who cares if a game like gears of war is in HD that contributes nothin to the making of a game and the imagination that is put into it i cant see any game selling more than zelda in 2007

FordGTGuy4448d ago

dude halo 3 will be no 1 game of 2007

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The story is too old to be commented.