South Africa | All Xbox One items now available at

Are you excited yet about the Xbox One launching in South Africa on September 23? The Xbox One at - 51 Games, 2 exclusive launch bundles and 18 accessories - all listed, priced and link.

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CongoKyle1558d ago

Everything keeps getting better and better for next gen consoles! We're late to the party but still amped!

gusgusjr1557d ago

If your getting it, enjoy. I love mine and can't wait for the sunset and halo this year with quantum break next year (my most anticipated).

schmoe1558d ago

awesome.. nice to know we can buy peripherals before we can buy the console *tongue firmly in cheek*

Team_Litt1558d ago

We can't, all the accessories -just like the games and console bundles- are available for pre-ordering.

guyman1558d ago

Can't wait for thiiiiiiiiis!! Sunset overdrive day one.

WharenPeace1557d ago

What's with mweb gamezone and their agenda of pushing the xbone?