PS4 Destiny demo event at Best Buy this Saturday

Can't get into the Destiny beta? Sony and Best Buy have a back-up plan for you.

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Thatguy-3101741d ago

With all this advertisement on the PS4 for this game one would think it's exclusive to it. This game is going to be big and hats off to Bungie for making it and Activision for supporting it.

Macdaddy711741d ago

It's Not Exclusive to PS4, it's a deal they have with Sony...but funny thing is in the UK the Xbox One Destiny bundle has sold Out!! Where the PS4 has Not...don't fanboy me!!! I own both systems, I just think it's funny with all the money Sony spent to make it look Exclusive with its ads, n the X1 bundles sell out First!!!!!

kamisama1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yet you do not know the ratio of bundles sony and Microsoft have if you don't have numbers to back up your claims then you already fail lad

bartju12341741d ago

Maybe there are more for ps4 systems than for xbox one?

funkybudda1741d ago

U mean EVERY STORE in UK the Xbox Destiny bundle is sold out!? OMFG, Xbox ONe will catch up to PS4 in no time!

jackanderson19851741d ago

probably not the best article for it but kinda on topic... i've two beta codes spare if anyone wants em? drop me a PM

LonDonE1741d ago

me too if ur region is pal then pm me