Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden debut trailer, Japanese release date

Nintendo Everything: "Fatal Frame Wii U (Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden) will be released in Japan on September 27. We’ve added in the debut trailer captured from today’s presentation."

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Pozzle1552d ago

Yessss! I'm so excited for this. I just hope it is released in the West.

It's also great to see the running speed has been improved. That was one thing that frustrated me about the old FF games.

starchild1552d ago

I wish we could get this game on the other platforms. I like the Fatal Frame series.

Ol_G1552d ago

Then buy a wii u just stop the port begging

Ck1x1552d ago

There's a big Nintendo logo at the start of the video, so that should be your answer on that one!

Bhuahahaha1552d ago

just buy a wii u. used or new (i got mine for $150 from a friend hehehe).

if you can find the basic edition go for that one, no need to go for the deluxe

wonderfulmonkeyman1552d ago

Yeah, and we wish the majority of AAA third party games on the Wii U were original games of high quality, instead of crappy ports with delays and cut content.

Impossible dreams are impossible; if you want this, get a Wii U.

Ultr1552d ago

I'm buying one too to lay next to my ps4. Its definately worth it to have both

Neonridr1552d ago

Nintendo co-owns the Fatal Frame franchise, so you aren't going to be seeing that anytime soon starchild.

DonMingos1552d ago

So if port begging is not allowed, maybe people should stop the "bring it to the west" begging

TedCruzsTaint1552d ago

Buy a Wii U, guy.
Firstly, it's almost definitely not coming to other platformers.
Secondly, it's a system that's most definitely worthy of owning.

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Vantage1552d ago

Showing me "scary" things isn't scary.

Also, last-gen graphics on a "next-gen" system. "But Vantage, graphics don't make a game!". Yeah, but round plates made up of straight edges is so 2005.

Burrito26a1552d ago

It's reassuring that there are still people in this world who can be as positive as you.

mixelon1552d ago

When they're actually rendered tiny on screen it's not such a big deal. Everything's polys at the end of the day.

gerbwmu1552d ago

You're sooooooooo right.....there is no such thing as a decorative plate with flat edges......this game must be crap! How dare they not make the plate a perfect circle.

Now, please excuse me, I must break all my mother's serving dishes because they aren't circles.

Pozzle1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

You don't need incredible graphics to create a convincing setting, atmosphere, and sense of tension. Far too many horror games in the past decade have focused too much on looking pretty while forgoing gameplay and horror. I'm personally excited for Fatal Frame 5 because if it's anything like the previous games, it will be both a good game and a scary experience.

wonderfulmonkeyman1552d ago

Take your graphics whoring back to PC-land.

Vantage1552d ago

I said "But Vantage, graphics don't make a game!", I then said "yeah" to show that I agree, graphics don't make a game.

I did this to keep slack-jawed turds from calling me a graphic whore.

wonderfulmonkeyman1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

If you actually felt strongly about graphics not mattering, you wouldn't have used the words "also, last-gen graphics on a "next-gen" system"."
You didn't just bash the system by alluding that you think it's not a next-gen system, as shown by your use of quotation marks, you also tried and failed to cover your ass on the matter of not caring overmuch about graphics.

A simple "yeah" isn't an agreement so much as a placation tactic, and then you've got the nerve to say that this simple-minded round-about defense was to "keep slack-jawed turds" from calling you out on it?

And you actually thought you'd get away with all of that?

Come back when you stop caring about how straight or rounded your "plates" are.
No one was fooled by your post; you were just trying to toss out a clever bash on both the graphics and the system itself before trying to cover your tracks.

Neonridr1552d ago

@Vantage - strange world you live in.

I take it plates like this don't exist then?

Pretty sure you haven't played this game, so saying it isn't scary is a little bit pompous at this point. Also pretty sure TLOU had great graphics, and that was "last gen" too.

iplay1up21552d ago

It does not look last gen, don't be a dork. You more than likely do not even have a Wii U, troll along.

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Emme1552d ago

Wow, this is intense. I hope itll come to the west, its been a while since m last survival horror game. And the graphics look real good, in an updated SH2 way good, gritty and stuff.

Biohazard88601552d ago

Game looks pretty scary and awesome coming from a fan of silent hill 2 and 3

Ol_G1552d ago

I find the FF series a lot more scarierer than silent hill

Biohazard88601552d ago

I recently got into Fatal frame and you are not lying this games are pretty damn scary.

WPX1552d ago

To be fair, Silent Hill (specially 2) is more psychological than scary. Or I'd say its a different kind of scary altogether.

sk8ofmnd1552d ago

Wow this looks amazing. Can anyone tell me why fatal frame hasnt been on a playstation since fatal frame one and two? Im so confused. I remember playing ff2 on my ps2

AogamiZephyr1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Nintendo co-owns the rights to the franchise so while Koei Tecmo still holds control over how they make the games, they can only be released exclusively on Nintendo console, this has been the case since Fatal Frame 4.

starchild1552d ago

Oh, interesting, I didn't know that. I played the first two on PS2 and always hoped the series would continue.

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