Naruto Storm Revolution: Online Demo Trial Period Extended

Bandai Namco Games has announced an extension the online portion of the demo will be playable.

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tayz1557d ago

Very happy about this!

Devilbringer1557d ago

Great, now i can't play this game cause i sold my ps3 to get a ps4-.-

why not port this to Xbox One and Ps4 ? :(

Baka-akaB1557d ago

why sell a ps3 in the first place with still so many important title solely coming to it ?

e-p-ayeaH1557d ago

im only buying ps4 when mgs5 comes out man

King_of_Nothing1557d ago

It'll be nice when these types of games start hitting the ps4 and xb1, theyre usually pretty solid games to kill time with inbetween the major AAA releases.