EVGA Releases Precision X 15 - Video-game Monitor & Overclocking Program - Accused Of Stealing Code

News flash everyone. In order to compete with MSI’s Afterburner, EVGA decided to re-design its Precision X program and release it on Steam. Normally, this wouldn’t be worth mentioning, however the coder of the RivaTuner Statistics Server claimed that EVGA has stolen his code.

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Edvin19841554d ago

All my video cards are from eVga great customer service and their cards OC the best in my personal experience. Currently running 3 GTX 780's Classified, and they are monsters under water when over clocked.

DeadRabbits1554d ago

I am running a paltry GTX770 from EVGA but its such a great card and no probs!

Pandamobile1554d ago

Agreed. EVGA is god-tier. I have bought and recommended nothing but EVGA since 2007.

ATi_Elite1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


GTX780 SLI is already the mother of all set-ups! I would just use the third card as a dedicated Physx card.

EVGA is a quality manufacturer and they are Nviida's right hand man but I just prefer Gigabyte.

Gigabyte GTX 660ti SLI

Edvin19841554d ago

I like Gigabyte great products can't knock them Currently I run a i7 4930k, 64gb of Ram at 2400mhz, 3xGTX 780s Classified, 2x500gb Samsung SSD's in raid 0, its been a great set up all under water.

this is a link to my build.