Borderlands 2 Gets Pre-Sequel DLC

Borderlands 2 gets in-game heads and skins for Pre-Sequel characters in the form of very rare loot on Pandora.

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user14394141555d ago

I love Boarderlands 2 and am glad that new things are still being added. :)

slasaru011555d ago

I can't understand, why would anyone need skins in Borderlands, especially the vehicle ones. Look the same and no gameplay changes

matrixman921555d ago

because they look cool. I have every skin to be released in BL2. They are also fun as hell to collect, well sometimes

kingdom181555d ago

smh.... isn't this a FPS? I never really understood the point of that when you can't see your character for the most part. Oh well, someone well enjoy them.

ironfist921555d ago

You see your character in the main menu, when travelling, when checking your loot, and also its for other people who see you.

Why bother wearing make-up when you cant see it most of the time?

Why bother doing your hair if you dont see it most of the time?

Why bother wearing underwear if you cant see them?

kingdom181555d ago

On your first note fair point.

Now comparing what we do in real life? Come on, underwear? Apples and oranges. Other than that lashes2ashe makes a good point.

GrimbleGromble1554d ago

Is decided, I'll no longer wear underwear.

lashes2ashes1555d ago

If you play with other people they can see you. Borderlands was not really designed as a single player game. Most people play in teams.

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LightDiego1554d ago

Everyday is the day for a new dlc for Borderlands 2, i already lost count.