Eurogamer Review - Resistance: Fall of Man

From the Review: "...Speaking to Eurogamer this month, Ted Price said that his team wanted to get a new series ready for the console's launch because that's the best time to establish one. Well, it's appropriate that they opted for a warring theme, because anybody who buys into Resistance will be left fighting off mutant mentalists on two fronts: in the game, and on the Internet, where the Xbox Jugend will never let it lie. However the game does critically, it simply will not be allowed to be good. It won't matter that this is nearly an excellent first-person shooter; it will just matter that it doesn't quite get there.

Resistance's principal strength is its weapons, and the better ones will do a good enough job of selling it to PlayStation 3's early adopters, while, helpfully, European gamers are in a position to wait and see how the multiplayer develops between now and March before factoring that into any sort of decision. The Fall of Man may forever be overshadowed by the Internet's Fall of Manners, then, but this is still a solid launch title, and worthy of praise"

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Captain Tuttle4444d ago

I like the guys writing style. It was a nicely written review for once.

TheMART4444d ago

"Normal mapping, specular lighting effects - the ubiquity of polishing elements such as these, to which games like Gears of War, Doom III and Halo have become so beholden, is significantly reduced. There are occasional attempts - a shiny floor here, a sparkling trouser there - and things become shinier the more overrun the world becomes with alien architecture, but the expected saturation polish is jarringly unapparent, to the game's initial detriment. It's the biggest difference between this and some of Xbox 360's recent heavyweights."

7 out of 10.

Resistance is no killer app.

Gears of War is.

Jump in

Retard4444d ago

You're such a loser ... Get a girlfriend one day instead of 'jumping in' an Xbox360 as your primary life... HAHAHAHA... HA. Don't try and prove anything either... you're comments are proof enough..

videl4443d ago

resistance is no killer app ? try it out before you talk such bs! resistance is far better than you boring gow. resistance is awesome !!!! oh, you should take that no so seriously! it should for you not be so important if ms looses another console war, find a girl friend and have fun with her, istead of writing all the day long bs.

Ugly American4443d ago

Maybe it was a problem playing Gears of War before I played Resistance. But when I shoot an alien with an M4 Carbine, expect there to be SOME sort of reaction other than shooting me. Like, ow, I was hit by a bullet, oooh, blood or some other indicator that the round hit, oh, I stumbled a bit when hit by lead.

The lack of textures is obvious, and with the above mentioned Me shooting, nothing really happening to bad guy, it feels like crap. I will continue playing it and hope it gets better, but it REALLY does make me want to go play GoW more.

FirstknighT4443d ago

...I have no idea what you said! Well they say the ps3 is supposed to be smarter than people...well I know its smarter than this guy :p

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