Ghosts From The Past- Blackwell 2: Unbound Review I Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Kenny McKee writes- "Sometimes searching for the answer to a question only leads to more questions. This was definitely the case for The Blackwell Legacy‘s protagonist Rosa Blackwell. Having both just suffered the loss of her aunt, and finding out that she was medium, Rosa’s life quickly turned upside down in a matter of days thanks to a mysterious and ever-following ghost named Joey. While playing through the game, the player found out that Rosa was but one of many in her family gifted with the ability to interact with the paranormal. In fact, the aunt that she watched over for so many years before her death was the previous Blackwell medium. Rosa always knew that she was uninformed about her aunt’s life, but only recently did she find out just how little she knew. Exactly what happened to her Aunt Lauren? That’s where Blackwell 2: Unbound, the second installment of the series and prequel to The Blackwell Legacy, steps in."

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