Should Sony Be Concerned About Xbox One's Sales Boost?

Microsoft claims Xbox One sales "more than doubled" in June after Kinect disappeared and the system fell to $399. Should Sony be worried?

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Majin-vegeta1556d ago

Lol no.The PS4 has June wrapped up.

NextLevel1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Exactly, No is the correct answer. 77k times 2 is 144k. The PS4 has never sold even close to 144k, the 360s lowest was 161k while supply constrained. This will be the 4th time the Xbox One has sold less than the 360.

Losing Kinect didn't do much, like all the other things that were suppose to save it.

Seriously, losing Kinect and still get outsold in AMERICA the month you did it is pretty bad.

Ballsack1556d ago

Microsoft doing well makes sony up their game..... Its a good thing for both consoles to be healthy

Add in the wii u improving and its a nice scenario

tbone5671556d ago

Everyone I know still waiting for the master chief collection to pick up an Xbox One. November will be the true test. I predict total domination by Xbox One just because of Halo.

NatureOfLogic_1556d ago

@Ballsack, MS did well with Xbox 360. Remember what MS tried with DRM, always kinected and no used games? Healthy competition is Sony versus Nintendo this gen. MS should stay in third place and learn from their greedy decisions.

NextLevel1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

"Everyone I know still waiting for the master chief collection to pick up an Xbox One. November will be the true test. I predict total domination by Xbox One just because of Halo."

It won't. It'll spike sales, then die down.

Things that were suppose to save the Xbox One.

- Titanfall
- DRM reversals
- DX12
- E3 2014
- Dropping Kinect

Now, it's Tier 2 countries, Halo and the cloud.

The cloud was already suppose to save the Xbox One with Watchdogs.

"Xbox One Cloud Processing Gives Watch Dogs City AI More ‘Dynamism’"

It's become a joke and that's why the Xbox One is failing hard and no amount of wishful thinking, pity, overhyping of average games, downplaying of technology or goal post shifting will stop it.

truefan11556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

How did noone catch the fact this this genius said 77*2 is 144. He highlights the intelligence of a certain group of fans perfectly, look at those 15 likes. My mental math automatically tells me it should be over 150. The answer is in fact 154.

On topic, sony is fine until at fall because Halo MCC is gonna sell a lot of consoles

Bryanarchy1011556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


In no way is the Xbox 'failing hard'. This new console generation is STILL in its baby stages for all consoles. The amazing game archive that these consoles will flourish under have yet to hit stores. Not to mention only recently devs are able to tap into the apparent 10% extra power for Xbox games. Which will, mind you, close that resolution/fps gap between the PS an Xb to nothing, shattering the large difference most PS fans boast thoroughly about.

You throwing the torch on the generation way too soon buddy. You talk like you know, but you don't.

Eonjay1556d ago

@truefan1 "The answer is in fact 154. "

Wait... do you work for them. No seriously how can you be so sure?

dumahim1556d ago

Sales were low the previous month because people were holding out for the cheaper version to come along. So saying that sales doubled isn't really all that great.

Nine_Thousaaandd1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


"I predict total domination by Xbox One just because of Halo."

Total domination huh? I've seen more excitement around people interested in buying a Xbox One for Forza Horizon 2, not Halo collection. I think the MCC will appeal more to current Xbox One owners...the loyal fans of Microsoft.

Planetside 2 still to come, Call of Duty Advance Warfare...CoD still has a huge fan base, probably much bigger than Halo I'm sure. Then we have Battlefield Hardline...and let's not forget Destiny and Evolve.

Halo remastered goodies...have some serious competition later this year. It will increase some sales that month, but not enough to dominate.

horndog1556d ago

@ nextlevel

"Like all other things that were supposed to save it"?!

Didn't know it needed to be saved. It's not selling as well as the ps4 but the double in sales should tell you something. If I were you I would be more concerned about buying a system from a company that may go belly up soon and so all they are giving you is a bunch of last gen "re-masters" and a flood of BS indies that the fan base has no interest in. Might as well get used to it now. Your next blockbuster to hit the ps4 will be a "remaster" of HAZE. LoL!!

ABizzel11556d ago

Should Sony be concerned?

In the US, or North America maybe, but otherwise no. In it's first month the boost was around 40k units over April's NPD (115k vs rumored 155k) which would translate into 8k - 10k extra units per week (June was technically 5 weeks which is why I have 8k - 10k). The reason I used April was because it was the last neutral month of sales the XBO had.

The boost was enough to allow the XBO to sale equally to the PS4, or insignificantly less or more for the last couple of weeks of June. So for US/NA market share the boost helped, but then you look at the other markets and the PS4 is still winning by a good margin even after the boost there.

Septic1556d ago

Replying to trolls aside, I agree that Sony have nothing to worry about. MS' sales were woeful last month so claiming double sales figures is just a desperate attempt at spin considering how low the numbers were.

Expect Sony to beat MS once again this month.

LordMaim1556d ago

@truefan1: Those sort of insults are uncalled for.

Kribwalker1556d ago

What is with all these fools that keep saying June is 5 weeks. June is 30 days. Sales for the month of June is over 30 days. It is not 5 weeks. Five weeks would be 35 days. So July is going to be 3 weeks now since June took one of those weeks?

And Xbox one is not a failure. It's not selling as well as the fastest selling system ever. But it's still selling fantastically for a brand new and expensive piece of tech. Over 5 million sales of something that has until last month had an MRSP of $500 in only 13 countries (sure they may be their biggest markets) in 6 months is fantastic, it just happens to be that the PS4 is selling at record breaking paces. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool though.

SilentNegotiator1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Why would Sony be worried about an artificial boost created by announcing an SKU a month before release, ruining any chances the previous month had and guaranteeing an okay next month? They doubled crappy sales up to decent sales...whoop de doo.

ziggurcat1555d ago

@ truefan:

insulting an entire population of gamers just because of - what is obviously - a typo is offensive (because nextlevel posted a similar comment in another thread with the correct math), and i've flagged your comment as such.

no one here holds the entire xbox population accountable for your ill-informed, delusional BS, so do yourself a favour, and respond without the egregious generalizations.

Fatal-Aim1555d ago

@ tbone567

"Everyone I know still waiting for the master chief collection to pick up an Xbox One. November will be the true test. I predict total domination by Xbox One just because of Halo."

that's around the same time LBP3, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation TV launch. not saying Halo won't sell, but i think you may be putting all your eggs in one basket

Ch1d0r11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

72x2=144, idiot.

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MightyNoX1556d ago

Wait for tommorow's NPD would be my recommendation before saying anything premature.

But no.

MysticStrummer1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


Doubling the previous month's sales doesn't mean much since it was the lowest month yet, presumably due to the incoming lower price. Throwing that low month out and comparing June to April will tell a more realistic story. Estimating from May's numbers, the June sales bump won't amount to much at all, especially considering the fact that it's 5 weeks of data.

But like you said, we'll see tomorrow.

JeffGUNZ1556d ago

@ Mystic

5 weeks of data? Didn't the price drop take effect 06/09/2014? That removes One week 2 days of that month. I don't think Sony has anything to worry about, Xbox dropped the kinect which lowered the price of that particular SKU and now people are more interested. Why does the media have to make everything one company does a competition among the other company. Why can't this article just be "Xbox one doubles monthly sales, kudos to them" and not "let me hang this flaimbait right above you so we can start another argument.

Dezmond1556d ago

You comment on every article I read.

zeuanimals1556d ago

And there's always a comment about how Sasuke always comments with really vague things, as if he doesn't read the articles at all.

NatureOfLogic_1556d ago

Yes, Sony should worry about third place console that is having a hard time overtaking WiiU for second place./s

-Foxtrot1556d ago


On a serious note...I don't think they need to worry.

snookiegamer1556d ago

Competition is good! ...what's to worry. I'm sure most gamers want consoles to succeed regardless.

Pressure is a good thing in this case. Now roll on the differentiaters. Games please! ;)

showtimefolks1556d ago

not at all, i expect ps4 to keep outselling xbox one. TLOU will help and than destiny bundle will also help big time

xbox one will now stay on stead ground and so will ps4, but at the same price point xbox one has no chances of catching ps4 anytime soon

ITPython1556d ago

XB1 sales only doubled???... wow, it should have at least quadrupled or more in sales since the kinectless version was basically a new first start for the console (and even had backed up pre-orders to further boost/concentrate sales numbers).

Plus the sales of May completely dried up in anticipation. Although now that I think about it, it really didn't double, since the sales from May just moved to June. Dang... it is even worse when you look at it that way. And EVEN worse if the sales were only double that of May (which was REALLY low).

XB2 confirmed in a year if MS's history with releasing new operating systems (usually within a year or two) when the previous release was a failure. And if they don't, then Sony has absolutely nothing to worry about if a $100 cheaper XB1 releases and only gets double the sales (which most came from people holding off the previous month... so it's even less impressive of a figure).

Magicite1556d ago

Im pretty sure Sony got enough of things to be concerned about right now besides xbox sales.

RAWSTA1556d ago

Xbox one is here stay Sony fans boys!

NewAgeisHere1556d ago

And it should, for the sake of healthy competition.

Major_Glitch1555d ago

Xbox one is here to third place Micro soft fans boy.

OT: No. Sony absolutely has nothing to fear, especially from MS. Nintendo on the other hand...

imt5581556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Pretty lame article! Why Sony should be worried anyway? What if NPD numbers shows that Sony win June sales ( i'm 99.9% sure about that )? If that happens, this article will be pointless.

Xbone sales in June doubles the sales in May, but SINCE JUNE 9th. That's the point, so 1 week less.
NPD Coverage for June sales : June 1-July 5, 2014 (5 weeks, May was 4 weeks)

Retroman1555d ago

ehhh, nope xbox never been a threat

the end.

Tapewurm1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Heheh...should they be worried?.... "Hows about no!" ... All of those new purchases will just make them realize what the truth is and the PS4 sales will spike a month or so later when they go trade them in and upgrade to the PS4 .... again 8) ...did I say PS4 enough?.... PS4!

Spid3r61555d ago

LMAO the competition has not begun. Xbox One new sku actually started on June 9th meaning there was a week of PS4 sales that would be ahead before launching the new Kinectless SKU.

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Ballsack1556d ago

Xbox was always going to recieve a boost for the first month thats what happens when people hear the words 'price drop' though technically it isnt one..its cheaper but you are getting less for your money.

Good on microsoft will now have to up their game such as microsoft had to

This gen is like a gladiator duel

AllAboutGaming1556d ago

I didn't know gladiator duels were so one sided.

zerog1556d ago

It is when the gladiator is pitted against a lion lol.

lsujester1556d ago

Russell Crowe jacked up a tiger AND another gladiator.

warczar1556d ago

Couldn't agree more. The x1 "price drop" was some bs. They took a 140 dollar peripheral away and only dropped the price 100 dollars. I understand that technically it was a drop but come on, it could be 380 and they would still be making more off the system then they would have had it been bundled with a kinect. They are selling you less for less.

KinjoTakemura1556d ago

The Playstation 4 is averaging 500k to 600k per month. Sony doesn't have a thing to be concerned about.

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thecowsaysmoo1556d ago

No to be quite honest, but seeing xbox one doing well is good news.