YouTube Will Soon Become As Corrupt As Normal Games Journalism

One Angry Gamer "If you haven’t already seen the news about YouTubers being paid off for positive promotion, also known as advertorialism, then you can get a good summary of the situation from Eurogamer. The reality is that the YouTube bubble is about to pop, and that’s just the reality of it all."

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Codewow1557d ago

I blame society's need to have more money. For the U.S. The "American Dream" used to behaving enough money to live a happy and healthy life. Now it's, "More, must have more!! MOREE MONAYYYYYY MONEHHH !! RRGERGREGE!" It's sad...

DarkBlood1556d ago

Well blame all the cool stuff being release lol.

We already have people living like you describe. There normally the ones who don't give a crap about this stuff at all.

Ezz20131556d ago

i'm laughing at the "will" part in headline

Youtube already is as corrupt as Games journalism

Timesplitter141556d ago

Game journalists aren't corrupt they're just dumb

badz1491556d ago

seriously, who cares? let them do their dirty transactions, I just use Youtube for trophy guides only anyway and not all the time. mainly only on trophies I failed to get after many attempts.

NinjaRichParty1556d ago

Meh. No matter how many people get paid off, there will always be a small group of people who are honest and give their actual opinions. It's always been like that.

Whether it be in games, the news, or whatever this has and will always been the case. I wouldn't worry about it, you just have to LOOK for your news and not let it come to you. :)

SpiralTear1556d ago

That's true, and I do agree with you, RDR, but the problem isn't so much that people are getting paid off. It's more that WE DON'T KNOW who is getting paid off or not. Transparency is the big problem (as it is in traditional game journalism), because if there's no way to tell who's being honest and who's being legit, it's tough to determine a really trustworthy source.

Kivespussi1556d ago

As far as I see the big sites are more prone to give unaccurate reviews, IGN, gamespot, etc. And smaller sites give usually different scores than the big sites. Watch Dogs is a good example. Big sites gave it 9's and 10's but a few sites I usually go to check reviews gave it 6/10 and 7/10. They both got some shit from the readers but that turned out to be more accurate for the majority of the people than what the big sites said.

Only "big" reviewer I trust is Angry Joe. I don't really enjoy his humor but damn, he's just right just about everything.

DefenderOfDoom21556d ago

Well TOTALBISCUIT said, that people who were reviewing WATCH DOGS, were getting free NEXXUS PHONES from UBISOFT ! So , JEFF GERTZMANN (GIANT BOMB) SUPER BUNNYHOP (GEORGE) and TOTALBISCUIT all said WATCH DOGS was not a fun game to play ! So thru my eyes , those three guys , were giving their honest opinion of the game WATCH DOGS .

caseh1556d ago

Watchdogs actually wasn't that bad, once you got over the whole 'omg graphicz not like E3 trailer' fiasco the game is easily worthy of an 8.5, not perfect but overall a great game.

DefenderOfDoom21555d ago

to Caseh , no way, i was trying to insinuate that WATCH DOGS was a bad game or anything . I was just trying to to say, that i trust those 3 guys are just giving their honest opinion. Heck i even played games that i loved, and those 3 guys said, the games were okay . What i love about JEFF GERTZMANN, TOTALBISCUIT , SUPER BUNNY HOP, and even ANGRY JOE that they all agree, that the opinion of game , that matters the most, is the person ( consumer ) who is actually playing the game ! So no complaints here! CHEERS!! Man, i wish i had at least one more bubble !!!

gigoran1556d ago

The thing is, some of them are not corrupt. Some of them are just complete idiots. For example, Kotaku. Their decree of "play or not play" all comes down to their level of stupidity. One game they reviewed was visually stunning, had an interesting story, and wonderful gameplay, but old horseface said "owww... the sounds are authentic but they hurt my ears. Don't buy this trash".

Soldierone1556d ago

Kotaku has been horrible lately. Half their articles are not even gaming related anymore, like that dumb article where they said "even though he didn't rape the girl, he should still say he did" wait what? That and their constant stream of feminism crying BS.

Sorry to be harsh, you said Kotaku and they've just been driving me insane lately. Almost took them off my feed.

gigoran1556d ago

You say what we all feel man. Don't be sorry. Like I said, the are most likely not being paid. I mean who is in their right mind would pay a bunch of people to be freakin morons?

They got two problems right now. One is called Ashcraft and the other is Patricia (AKA Horse).

crazysammy1556d ago

We just have to be smart and aware. Pay attention to what you watch and be ready to stop watching it anytime it seems shady. You dont owe these guys anything so dont feel like you have to keep watching!

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