4 Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros – Is That Too Many?


Considering Fire Emblem's size as a franchise, it comes as a surprise that there will be four representatives from the series in Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS. I was expecting 3 spots - with Marth, Ike and Lucina/chrome for all make the final cut. However, Robin's inclusion caught me completely off guard - I honestly did not expect a 4th Fire Emblem Character.

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Metallox1652d ago

There are 3 Zelda characters, there are 4 Pokémon fighters, there are officially 8 characters from the Mario franchise if I'm correct. I mean, I don't see the problem with the presence of 4 FE characters.

randomass1711652d ago

Yeah, Marth and Roy set Fire Emblem in motion in the west and now Fire Emblem is more popular than ever! Why not give the fans some more FE? They clearly like the games. I sure know I do. :P

DEATHxTHExKIDx1651d ago

This exactly. 4 Zelda characters since Shiek and Zelda are seperate. 4 FE characters no problem.

Chevalier1651d ago

5 Zelda characters if they confirm Ganondorf

MNGamer-N1651d ago

Fire Emblem is a game that deserves that many characters. I usually judge a game or series by how much it draws me in and whether I finish the game or not. Fire Emblem is one of these franchises that I finish all the way through, every time. When I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about playing it.

So yes, 4 is good. Looking forward to Fire Emblem on WiiU! Wouldn't a trailer or a peek at a snippet of graphics be so nice right now?

SpeedDemon1651d ago

I agree. After beating the games, I feel the need to beat it on the hardest difficulty, not many games make me want to do that, they are very addicting.

3-4-51651d ago

It's not enough really.

You could have a Smash Brothers vs Fire Emblem game.

You could literally include every character from Fire Emblem Awakening + a few from 6,7&8, and everyone of them would work well within this game style.

vakarian751644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I really wanted them to put Severa in and am suprised they haven't announced Tharja and they probably aren't since Robin can use a sword and magic. Theres still hope for Cordelia or anyone that uses a spear maybe Sully.

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Blues Cowboy1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

To be honest I'm more annoyed about the extra Samus (unless it's a tacit admission that Other M exists in a totally different canon - wasn't it based on a manga or something?).

But... yeah, maybe four is a just a little bit much? Maybe? Even though FE: Awakening is my favourite game of 2013 hands-down, no question, Robin might be the bridge too far for me. the fact that you can choose between male and female skins is a nice touch, but seeing as my avatar was a grizzled skinhead with a different name, I'm not sure why they didn't leave Robin out.

Actually, forget all of that. Put ALL the Awakening characters in there. If I get to spend more time with Frederick and Panne, I'm in.

vakarian751644d ago

They just seperated the characters with tranformations so Samus can't go Zero suit and Zelda can't change to Shiek their seperate characters now.

It would be cool if they found a way for us to import our My unit from Awakening or added custimization options like they did with the mii.

desolationstorm1651d ago

Fire Emblem is just an easier franchise to pull move sets out of. Not a problem for me.

Just wish an Advance Wars CO could make it into the game.

I know there are a ton of characters they could pull out but based on recent popular franchises I don't mind.

Especially since smash is used as a spring board for Nintendo franchises.

desolationstorm1651d ago

I understand that an Advance Wars CO would be incredibly hard but there would be creative ways to incorporate a CO.

TheOtherVitaOwner1651d ago

I feel like that would be easier to pull off as an assist trophy, personally.

crazysammy1651d ago

My only gripe is it potentially takes a character spot for someone else. I loved when Smash added Sonic and Solid Snake. Would love to see what other great cameos they could pull off. Otherwise FEA was one of the best games of last year and it deserves its spot.

sonic9891651d ago

i dont think 4 is too many if anything in this industry is too many and yet no one complains about it is the number of shooters released every year .

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