Xbox One Version Of Pinball FX 2 Won't Import 360 Tables For Free

Zen Studios have announced that Pinball FX 2 will be coming to the Xbox One on July 31st. But unlike when their Zen Pinball 2 came to the PlayStation 4, people who own tables on the Xbox 360 version of Pinball FX 2 will not be able to import them to the Xbox One.

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user14394141649d ago

Yes it is also confirmed to be 900p not full 1080p resolution :(

gamer78041649d ago

uh its confirmed 1080p 60fps, just fyi

PONTIAC08G8GT1648d ago

So with you're logic, it's OK to create Tomb Raider and release it on X360 and PS3, and then sell it again for $60 on X1 and PS4 months down the road? It's essentially the same exact game except prettier. Yet MS is ripping you off because a pinball game isn't including tables you may have purchased on the 360.

Activemessiah1649d ago

had to be the xbox version huh... typical

Gamer6661649d ago

Doesn't bug me. They spent time developing the software they deserve my money.

Day one... I buy all the tables.

Gamer6661649d ago

*Porting* is being charged for with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Last of Us, Halo Master Chief Edition, Rayman Legends, GTA V, and almost all the Indie games (Indie games have almost all appeared on PC before consoles).

Eddie201011648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Zen wants to let the people that purchased the game on 360 have the game for free on Xbox One, the same deal that is on PS, but Microsoft will not allow it, at least that is what I have read in other articles. This isn't the first time Microsoft have done this kind of thing.

FarEastOrient1648d ago

There is still no cross buy between X1 and X360 games.

mkis0071649d ago

Add Cross-buy to the list of things Microsoft will add before too long.

Godmars2901649d ago

Given that it would have had to have been done from the start to actually mean anything, to be a selling point rather than an admission of fault, I doubt it.

aerisbueller1648d ago

eh. They've reversed like 20 things already this year. It seems the new management isn't nearly as squeamish at fixing the previous managements' mistakes, and calling it 'responding to feedback', rather than 'cleaning Ballmer/Mattricks mess'/

I agree with mkis007, probably won't be on their radar enough until it happens with a few more titles, but it will be changed to match ps4 by the end of the gen, and so will the launch window parity requirements for indies

Bonkerz1649d ago

WHAT is up with this generation that everyone wants stuff for free. Do you guys realize that gaming studios are shutting down every day, if you like the game support the studio, this is our hobby support it.

Godmars2901649d ago

You miss the point that its being done from the PS3 to PS4 for free? That this is something MS and not Zen Studios is doing? That perhaps Sony might have flipped the bill for cross-buy while MS isn't?

Nevermind that the main reason studios shut down was the move - the rush - to HD when no one was really ready for it.

Gamer6661649d ago

Exactly, people like to blame things like HD, or crappy games, but the reality is that it is difficult to make money as a games studio.

Unless you are making CoD, BF, AC, Halo, Gears, Uncharted, God of War, etc. you have a tough time making money.

Countless studios and publishers packed it in last generation. Bizarre Creations, Pandemic, THQ, and Atari were some of the top names that disappearred. Yet gamers seem oblivious to this fact and blame it on everything except profitability.

Well, everyone, we've got the answer from developers and publishers... The world is now all about Season Passes, DLC, Microtransactions and Pay to Win...

gamer78041649d ago

Zen tries to push to get cross buy, its an incentive that helps sales, also helps build awareness of the product through friends. Zen said they want it and they are pushing MS for it

aerisbueller1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

WHAT is up with XBox fans being so blindly supportive of MS's crappy policies they lose their reading comprehension? The game's creators were the ones pushing for the feature, presumably to shut down sooner?

Quick heads up for MS users. There are ways to make money that don't involve shafting consumers. I didn't say no money, or less money. There's this false dichotomy (particularly among XBox and EA fans) that you either have to choose between screwing your customers to make money, or not making money at all. It's completely untrue, and as tired as it's become as the goto example - check out Valve, and the countless countless ways they've created additional revenue streams that don't involve shafting or annoying their customers.

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