Xbox Early Access is a terrible idea

From the article, "Microsoft claims to be considering the idea of Early Access for the Xbox One, but it should be rejected out of hand, for a few reasons. First, the potential for players to get ripped off is vast. For every DayZ, there’s a dozen games that will run out of funding or developer interest and wither on the vine."

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XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

We don't know how it's going to work so don't make article that's has little to no sense what so ever because the layout for the early access hasn't been introduced yet, so author what ability should I pull oh I know *Izanami*.

JBSleek1558d ago

It's a great idea. Players will know the risk. If you don't want to use money to do this you don't have to but I would be willing to pay for games in progress even knowing the risk.

It's choice no one is forcing you to invest. Horrible argument on why it shouldn't come to Xbox at all.

Dlacy13g1558d ago

Terrible? just needs to be known upfront in a very obvious way that you are buying into "Early Access".

I mean if you think about it, in many ways Titanfall has already operated in an "Early Access" fashion where they have been bringing in pretty regular updates that are improving the game and adding game modes and fixes to elements that weren't working properly before or just didn't exist. I love Titanfall, and like how its continually updating so I think an early access program can work for consoles, just frame it properly.

LAWSON721558d ago

If you think of TF as an early access game clearly you have never played an early access game before.

Dlacy13g1558d ago

As I suggested some of what TF is doing after release is similar to the kinds of updates a build might go through. Clearly TF is more polished and complete than what a normal early access might offer but I think console owners could enjoy something like early access assuming it was clear.