Major Changes for Battlefield Hardline

In a blogpost on the official Battlefield website, EA outlines ten major changes coming to Battlefield Hardline after taking fan feedback into consideration.

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3-4-51559d ago

MAJOR changes ?

I mean.......really?

I like BF4....but what I played of hardline was basically a lesser version of BF4.

Dirtnapstor1559d ago

Never got a beta code, but that's what I've seen and read...should have been an expansion pack for BF4 you think?

zeee1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Sooo should have been an expansion pack. 60 for this? Hell no!

3-4-51559d ago

* It played like a city map from BF4, but one that was too enclosed for that gameplay style.

The best way to describe it is....It feels like a Community Mod.

Avernus1559d ago

Some people will buy this, but not me. This should have been a themed expansion like BC2 Vietnam. At it's core, it is a themed expansion of BF4, but EA / DICE thought they can squeeze more money from people by releasing it as a complete game and adding "Battlefield" to the name.

I refuse to support games like this. What should have been a $20-30 DLC is priced as a full price game.

No thank you, and although I have nothing against Visceral, I hope the game fails.

Aleithian1559d ago

Agreed. I'm not paying $60 to be a cop or robber when I can fight in a small-scale war in BF4.

BlingBlaine1559d ago

This is data worth no more than $20.

Regurgitated code, faulty code at best.

BetaFail is dead to me, they actually ruined my fav franchise.

Planetside 2 for meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1559d ago

Sounds like a lot of the comment are from people who bought DLC for BF3 (aka BF4) so now they think Hardline is DLC for BF4 when it's completely different and made by a different dev.

Avernus1559d ago

Not sure if serious or trolling...

"completely different"? -__-''

RaptorGTA1559d ago

Has to be trolling. Though correct it was sorta made by a different developer...the game played, looked, and felt like BF4.

VileAndVicious1559d ago

I have the ps4 version of BF4 and I hate it. After the horrible experience I vowed never to purchase another. To me hardline is a quite a bit different but in a good way. Plus Im a sucker for the cops and robbers theme. I'll probably give this a shot when it drops.

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The story is too old to be commented.