Club Nintendo’s 2014 Platinum/Gold Rewards are Insulting

Hardcore Gamer: The program started off impressively giving Platinum members a Mario statue, but has devolved from there all the way up until last year's lame offering of a CD soundtrack. Things seemed like they couldn't get any worse, but Nintendo has today proven that they certainly can.

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ValKilmer1607d ago

What pisses me off the most about this is that I spent $40 extra JUST to attain Platinum Status this year because I was so close. They dangle it like a carrot in front of you to encourage you to buy more games. And what do I get in return? $10-$20 games I don't want or already have.

tigner1607d ago

I do this every year too...and agree these prizes are just crap

**in case you don't know...people on eBay sell club Nintendo coins.... Might be cheaper for you

3-4-51606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I'm kind of glad I didn't pay much attention to it, but I feel bad for others.

Nintendo has so many awesome games/things to offer.

I still have a ton of codes to register.

Neonridr1607d ago

last year I got some wicked Zelda posters.

While free games are never terrible, it sucks that the choices are so limited. I mean I own almost all the NES games (minus Kid Icarus). And In terms of the Platinum only games my choices are down to Game & Wario and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. I own Earthbound (and love it), but is that really worth the equivalent of a Platinum level?

monochromer1607d ago

Must be nice. I ordered mine, but never got them.

Neonridr1606d ago

really? You should have followed up with Nintendo. The Link Between Worlds poster was gorgeous.

deafdani1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Insulting? Dear God. Entitled much?

This. Is. FREE. STUFF. That Nintendo gives you just because you bought their games and systems.

Nintendo doesn't have any obligation to give anything away for free. No company does. Last I checked, neither Sony nor Microsoft have anything like Club Nintendo (yes, PS+ is awesome, but you PAY for it. Club Nintendo gives you free shit just by buying Nintendo games).

And people still complain about it? I can't believe it. Stop. You are all acting exactly like that whiny spoiled brat that complains and cries because daddy gave him a Samsung Galaxy when he wanted an iPhone.

WeAreLegion1607d ago

Seriously, dude?

There are also PlayStation rewards for Game Advisory Panel members and PlayStation VIP members, as well.

deafdani1607d ago

Oh, damn. I seriously didn't know about these rewards programs from both Sony and Microsoft.

My bad, and I stand corrected on this regard. Thanks for the info. Helpful bubble for you.

That aside, the rest of my argument stands. :P

WeAreLegion1606d ago

I highly respect that. Well said bubble to you!

SaxScrotumz1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Pick your gift and carry on.

KingOfOldSkool1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

If you're going to do a customer loyalty program: Do. It. RIGHT. Or just don't bother, because it will accomplish the exact opposite of why they even exist in the first place.

Loyalty programs like Club Nintendo aren't operated out of the kindness of their corporate hearts, they're calculated business maneuvers. The sole reason for their existence is to encourage customers to maintain or increase their normal spending through incentives. Why then, is it considered so out of line for Nintendo's customers to point out that the dwindling quality of CN's incentives is making it less and less effective at accomplishing the only thing it was created to do?

This isn't another case of 'entitlement', the tired buzzword that contrarians always try to tag on every instance of consumers daring to hold game companies to any type of standard, this is consumers telling a company going after their money with increasingly insulting freebies to get their head out of their ass.

rxl2091607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

actually sony and microsoft both have programs like these (sony rewards / xboxlive rewards) and while i think club nintendo is a great program, get off your high horse

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randomass1711607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

You're insulted over free games? Come on, really? -.- Whiners on PS+ and whiners on Club Nintendo. Don't matter where you go.

jegheist20141607d ago

i got zelda 2 i really wanted earthbound but missed platinum by 70 coins.

i just bought wii u in april so i kinda luckedi n but yea those who already own half games on list i can feel for

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