DualShock 'Power Pak' Now Available For PS4

The battery pack connects via the controller's micro USB port and claims to double the standard battery capacity of the DualShock.

"It’s lightweight and does not impede gameplay or ergonomics, enabling users to extend their gaming sessions," a Nyko rep promises.

The Power Pak is designed to add extra power while the controller's in use, but it is also compatible with Nyko's Charge Base, a dock that can store and charge two PS4 controllers when not in use. It's available in video game accessories stories for a recommended retail price of $20.

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uth111644d ago

cool.. but since I dimmed mine, battery drain hasn't been too bad

choujij1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I should test mine to see how long it lasts with the light dimmed. It's battery life has never been an issue for me cause I have two DS4s. So when one battery dies, I swap controllers and use the other while the one charges. I've been doing that even with the DS3s.

Omar911644d ago

I rather buy a battery pack and install instead of using up the usb port

KwietStorm1644d ago

You can just unattach the pack and charge them separately.

kingPoS1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

What else are you going use that usb port for? If it's not doing something, why not slap a battery pack on it? Is it really such a bad thing, having extra juice for your DS4. The 'Power Pack' can even be used for what they actually are, battery packs. You can always by more than one if it's needed.

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Cryptcuzz1644d ago

Yeah, I agree, I'm going to be buying at least two of these bad boys.

TardcoreGamer1644d ago

You can just upgrade the battery to a 1800mHa battery. It nearly doubles the play time. Costs around $10. You wont have to deal with a bulky pos battery pack either.

kingPoS1644d ago

True enough, you can always install a better battery. I did so when my original DS3 died.

Options are awesome!!! (lol) and so are conveniences in the form of power packs.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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SpinalRemains1381644d ago

About time.

Whoever was in charge of controller design gets an A, but the battery guy should be laying tar on the Cross Bronx.

This pack is good stuff.

Bathyj1644d ago

Nice. The only thing that sucks about the DS4 is the battery so this is a nice option.

GeofferyPeterson1644d ago

This is old news. It was released in May. I don't think anyone has written a "story" about it though.

WildArmed1644d ago

I picked up the nyko charging system for PS4 and Wii recently, and I really like them both.

Esp. the PS4 one as it uses a dongle in the usb slot, so you don't have to pull and push microusb cables into the controller every time you need to charge.

With that said, I don't think I'd be too interested in a product like this. DS4 always seem to keep up with my 6 hour night gaming sessions fine so far. Maybe once battery life starts to suffer

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