Tadpole Treble On Wii U Will Feature Unique Asymmetric Multiplayer Options

Bitfinity launched a Kickstarter campaign for their debut game, Tadpole Treble, late last year and was successfully funded in early December. The game passed its base goal of $30,000 by nearly $5,000, but fell a little short of the Wii U stretch goal of $45,000. They are still looking to bring the game to the Wii U, thanks to its reputation of being full of fun and unique games.

Bitfinity are an independent video game developer, founded and staffed by Italian brothers Matthew and Michael Taranto. Matthew is well-known for his work as an artist and writer for the popular web comic, Brawl in the Family. For those who aren’t familiar, Brawl in the Family doesn’t just rely on still images like regular comics but also animations set to music inspired by Nintendo’s own library. Michael, on the other hand who is lending his programming and business experience to the team, also co-owns a restaurant in Baton Rouge, the same town Bitfinity are based in.

Nintendo Enthusiast wanted to find out if Tadpole Treble was still in the cards for the Wii U, so we spoke with Matthew Taranto to find out, as well as if there were plans for any Wii U unique features.

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