Top Space Engineers Mods of The Week

Tony takes a look at the top Space Engineers mods of this week.

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ATi_Elite1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Space Engineers is the new Minecraft.

Not as friendly or casual as it has some very core gameplay but just as addictive as you build, maintain, pilot ships, and mine for materials all in the advanced physics off space.

Oh and yes there is COMBAT!

Survival mode brings on a new level of danger and gameplay.

aliengmr1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

So, one of the things I loved doing in SE is crashing ships. Trying to produce an epic wreck. Too often I would miss the target or glance off and the result was always unspectacular.

One time though, I decided to mess around with hijacking the transports that you can have randomly spawn. Now I was aware of booby traps and had experienced one first hand. Big explosion, and the ship is crippled or destroyed.

So I go and hijack a military transport, which is basically a lump of heavy armor blocks. My scenario is the standard creative mode, with the big red ship next to the asteroid. (for those familiar)

So I get in and secure the ship. No booby trap explosion. So I start bringing it back to the starting point. Its a slow ship and I am pretty far away, so I turn off the inertial dampeners and gun it. I built up a healthy amount of speed and was just about to turn on the inertial dampeners to slow down when, BANG. The trap goes off.

I get out of the ship to inspect the damage and work out how to slow the ship down, when I notice how close to home base I was.

As luck would have it, I lined up the most perfect broadside hit to the big red ship. I mean it was direct. And I had positioned myself at the perfect angle and distance to witness it.

Words can hardly describe the ensuing destruction. This giant lump of heavy armor travelling much faster than it had any right to, slammed, center mass, and absolutely shredded the big red ship. It barely slowed down and tore though the platform as well.

I finally got my epic wreck, entirely by accident:P