CD Projekt RED “No Plans” to Re-Release Previous The Witcher Games on PlayStation

CD Projekt RED a bit “bummed” it took this long to release a Witcher game on PlayStation platforms.

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user74029311558d ago

get to it cd project red! ps4 is dominating so insane right now you will have a ton of more people to get to experience your previous games on ps4.

T3mpr1x1558d ago

It'd be pretty easy money. Maybe they could outsource the porting process.

Volkama1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Why not whack a cheap port together? Everyone else is doing it, and with less valid reason than CD Projekt have.

creatchee1558d ago


CD Projekt RED doesn't strike me as the kind of team that would put together a cheap port. They have way too much pride in their work.

aliengmr1558d ago

Witcher 1 would probably need an entire overhaul. Its and old crappy engine that they don't even use anymore.

CDPR isn't about "easy money", which is why they are so great.

starchild1558d ago

It's funny how so many console only gamers say that the PC has no good exclusives, yet they constantly beg for them in other articles.

awi59511558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

@aliengmr and slasaru01

You dont know crap the witcher enhanced edition looks great.

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JBSleek1558d ago

Play it on PC. It has perks.

1. The game isn't too taxing so you should be able to play if you have a decently recent PC.

2. The story carries over so if you play The Witcher 3 on PC you can carry on progress.

slasaru011558d ago

I played W2 on my xbox and it was great. Tried W1 at PC and the experience is terrible both in controls and graphics. No way i will be playing W3 on PC. But in the other hand, they will have a gamepad support...

extermin8or1558d ago

And if you want to play on ps4 or you have to play on ps4? (I played witcher 2 on pc it was a great game however I will be playijg the 3rd on ps4 and I am concerned that my story choices are to be lost :( )

Snookies121558d ago

@slasaru01 - Ummm, you played Witcher 1 on PC... That's not Witcher 2. The controls are very different on Witcher 2.

LightDiego1558d ago

Please, stay way from console articles, you are always bringing pc in the conversation, always, you are just a cheap stealth troll with only one platform.
About the article, i'm sorry for the players who want to play, for me, the previous games are way overrated, i agree with Edge review.

Hellsvacancy1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

"play it on PC" WOW, Did you honestly think that hasn't crossed my mind before?

My LAPTOP will not run it, otherwise I would play it in a heartbeat

Stone me the world is getting stupider by the minute

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maniac761558d ago

They have yet to actually smell the buy past two full price with graphics upgrades of course lol

GeraltofRivia1558d ago

I would play the first Witcher again on whatever it was released on if it had gamepad support and slightly tweaked combat. Overall The Witcher on PC is still an incredible game.

Volkama1558d ago

Yes, they would definitely need to tweak the combat for the first one. Maybe take the opportunity to re-think the sex cards.

dc11558d ago

It's likely a combination of undisclosed exclusivity and resources. Look forward to an announcement late next year. The PS4 plays very nice with PC ports.

JBSleek1558d ago

You want to play Witcher 1 and 2 on PS4 months after you already played 3?

Get it on PC.

dc11555d ago

I know I'm responding late, however I have them both on PC.

The benefit is to sell the experience to the multiple millions that only have the PS4 and/or have transitioned from the PS3.

If the margins for profit is there and there are no active restrictions in place you will see it happen (W2 that is).

aliengmr1558d ago

Undisclosed exclusivity? No, that's not how CDPR does things.

I highly doubt they will port the other 2 games. Witcher 2? Maybe. Witcher 1? No way in hell. Really doubt they want to go back to that old, busted engine for one. And using their new engine to recreate the entire game would just be a waste of time and money.

Its not about CDPR "not wanting" to do it, its just they really don't see a profit there.

Besides, its time they move on to their new games any way.

dc11555d ago

I agree that W2 is the only product than can be leverage as part of a port.

CDProjeckt had an undisclosed exclusivity agreement with MS.
And they have been compensated to show W3 in an association with XBOXOne. There's is nothing wrong with this by the way. Just wanted to point out that these types of partnerships exist and I haven't seen one independent developer that's above it.
It's good for everyone involved
(Except for exclusive console owners).

Profit should and will be had where it can be realized.

Sorry for responding so late :)

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