Adam Carolla Harasses PS3 'Nerds'

As everyone knows, the PS3 launched on November 17 and gamers rabid to play the new system (or to make a killing with it on Ebay) have been waiting on line most of the week at various retailers across the country.

Apparently amazed and somewhat sickened by the phenomenon, radio morning man Adam Carolla addressed the issue on his Thursday morning broadcast.

"I was passing by the Best Buy the other night," Carolla said, "about ten o'clock… Tuesday night [and] saw the nerds… lined up."

Carolla went on to state that the only people who would be able to stand in line for several days were unemployed "losers" or, more creatively, "splosers." "Part spazz, all loser; sploser," Carolla said.

In an effort to see just how rabid fans of the new system actually were, Carolla sent staffer "Big" Tad Newcomb (a regular on the show) and his assistant Lindsay to the Best Buy location at LaBrea and Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, California ("Tranny Row," Carolla called the area) to talk to some of these "splosers" and make them an offer that (supposedly) no red-blooded male can refuse...

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ScorpioKyle4448d ago

wow, now that guy was a loser. Hmmm a video game system that you can just wait and get in a few months after all the hype dies down, or a bunch of Porn Star Quality sex and being taken there by the living legend that is Ron Jeremy.

HyperBear4448d ago

What a bunch of no-life, mommas boy, nerdy [email protected] Honestly, if you think the PS3 is going to change your life and all this, ur insane. But then the question has to be asked, if all those so called "male guys", didnt take the offer, youve gotta ask yourself, have they ever been laid in their life.(P.S. - Fuking or making love to your new video game system, is not called getting laid, but getting "So Stupid That You Literally Are The Worlds Biggest [email protected] Of All Time)

marionz4447d ago

im no sony fan but quit the [email protected] and queer stuff thats so not acceptible!

highps34448d ago

lol, both of you should read over your posts and then decide who the "[email protected]" and "losers" are.

HyperBear4448d ago

we can tell you havent gotten laid in your life yet, and would rather fuk a gaming system than a hot slut. We know that for a fact. And the fact that you think our posts are [email protected], when you Sony Fanboys put down a free trip to get laid for a week, just for a fuking PS3, that will eventually break down and suck ass, that is just lame. Man, go get laid, queer.

TheThinker4446d ago

Someone cares too much about how other people spend their time and money. That says something about you...which is disturbing to say the least.

Let me get this straight. Through your sexual slurs and insults, you are suggesting that instead of being addicted to video games we should be addicted to sex? If you're going to take up that argument, you should practice what you preach and see if it's right or not. Misery loves ignorance, after all.

Administrators, lock this user please.

FKN Unbelievable4448d ago

Would have become the next porn star plain and simple.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4447d ago

i bet that was jin kazami and ps3ownsall that declined the offer