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CCC Says: "Here is a question for you. Does Batman use guns? The answer to this question may be the one thing that decides whether or not you like Batman Arkham Knight, the newest and final Batman game in the Arkham series. At E3 2014, there was a huge display featuring the brand new batmobile which, Transformers style, folded out to show several grenade launchers and mini-guns. Heck, even the demo we saw featured a section where you were able to just unleash all hell with the batmobile’s artillery, exploding cars and taking chunks out of walls. Somehow, we are all just supposed to accept that nobody dies in those explosions."

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Ligerzero_0071648d ago

I swear, do any journalists actually listen to developers during interviews? This article is based on a question that was answered around E3. The tanks the Batmab destroys in the Batmobile are all unmanned, and if he shoots anyone or near anyone with the Batmobile, they are non-lethal rounds. They hurt the bad guys like hell, but doesn't kill them. Damn, people need to pay attention during interviews.

Ligerzero_0071648d ago

Yeah, I made a typo by accident. Sue me, lol