PS3 Hacker Gets a Top Security Job at Google

Gamespot: George "GeoHot" Hotz hired by massive technology company to work on a security initiative called "Project Zero."

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cleft51556d ago

This is the difference between white collar crimes and every other crime. Instead of going to jail for years for stealing millions of people personal information and robbing them of their sense security he gets a big fancy, high paying job. Meanwhile, if you go break into someone's home while they aren't there you are looking at 3 to 5 years. Gotta love the how the world works.

Mr Pumblechook1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Hopefully he can stick to this one longer then the opportunity he had at Facebook. He left after losing a hacking contest to some students.

Despite his poor rapping ability he must have some strong computer skills to have all these tech giants falling over themselves to hire him.

EDIT: I just remembered the Hip-Hop Gamer released a GeoHotz rap response video on YouTube?!! He took it so seriously!

TheWackyMan1556d ago

He as a legitimate skill that can be useful to companies like Google. It would an absolute waste to put him in jail.

pompombrum1556d ago

Geohotz never stolen people's personal information and arguably, didn't even commit any actual crime and certainly wasn't sentenced for one.

While some of his actions were morally questionable, he's hardly a danger to the public and not to mention an extremely talented person. It makes far more sense to put his talents to good use than leave him with too much free time on his hands to potentially get into other questionable endeavours.

ziggurcat1556d ago


What he did was unbelievably illegal, so it was a crime.

pompombrum1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Sony had every right to protect their property however we could be on here all day debating whether or not Geohot had the right to alter hardware he brought.

To call it unbelievably illegal is laughable, you're making Geohot out to be some sort of monster. The guy isn't even a black hat. If you want to go pointing your finger at bad hackers, go check out the ones responsible for cryptolocker and other such malicious software.

TheWackyMan1556d ago

I'm more upset at Sony for having terrible security. If it wasn't this guy, it would have been someone else, and they might have done much more damage.

Patrick_pk441556d ago

@ziggurcat Even though it was illegal, his skills should not be wasted. I'd hire him for security reasons if I was in the same position as Google. Sony should hire him since he easily brought down their system for about a month. I'll probably receive down votes for protecting the man, but don't be jealous because he received a high paying job for certain crimes.

azure19901556d ago

High paying job? That dude will at most get 60k a year

gatormatt801556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

GeoHot just recently figured out an exploit to root the GS5. Quite possibly one of the simplest root methods I have ever seen. He made an app called TowelRoot that you install on your phone, one click later and you're rooted. There was a bounty over on XDA worth $18,000 to root the At&t and Verizon GS5. Now he gets hired by Google... Interesting.


SilentNegotiator1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

"however we could be on here all day debating whether or not Geohot had the right to alter hardware he brought"

Except he shared the stolen root keys with the world. He didn't have any rights to that.

What an awesome hacker Geohotz great that he hacked the PS3 only once stolen root keys were released.

Retroman1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@ cleft5

not alone if you non-white Google would not offer you a position . instead you be getting 50-to life inprisonment , tarnish reputation , media over espose your embarrassing face 24-7 days a week, nation wide.making "SURE" non-minorities see your face. you be talk of the country,in fact you would not be eligible for foodstamps not alone FREE water.
you right gotta love how social structure works towards each non-white culture .
only in america you can be REWARDED for horrible crime.

it is the Reality of this type high power crime.
enough said .

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Magicite1556d ago

let him better work for someones security than hack our stuff.

Scatpants1556d ago

I would rather he hacked stuff. What use is it to me for him to work on Google security?

Tetsujin1555d ago

Why should we care about what he does? I actually forgot he existed until this story reminded me of who he is.

Qrphe1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Edit: nvm, he had been hired by Facebook right after his 3.55 hack

jegheist20141556d ago

this genius who has brought me many great free games last gen now work on ps4 sonyboy.

or hack prcies on psn store to 10 bux for everything secretly
for fall lineup bcuz my wallet is to darn broke to afford all this im already in process trying to sell 1 my kids to china to cover my addiciton for this holiday season.

dont make it where i have to sell my wife also lol this is all jokeng.

yea geohot is where he belongs him hacking ps3 was kool but ostalgia of that wore offn ovember 15th with launch of ps4

OverlordMao1556d ago

Just by the way your wrote your message i have not a once of doubt that you dropped school early and you are probably a jobless basement dweller who still live at his parents house.

Dude, you are pathetic. Get a job and pay for your game, youll see... When you have a well paid job, paying for your game isnt as dramatic as it seems to be.

Utalkin2me1556d ago

I dropped a few I.Q. points just trying to read it.

Master-H1556d ago


The first D stands for Dumb.

LordMaim1555d ago

Am I the only one who flashed back to the Simpsons, and the BBBQ / BYOBB invitation?

Cryptcuzz1556d ago

I honestly do not know what you are trying to say or convey completely with this comment and I am usually pretty good at doing that.

I know you are trying to be funny about not having money to buy games (maybe not) and selling one of your kids to keep your addiction going, but making games aren't cheap as well you know?

It would be great to get games people pay for (for free), but did it ever occur to you that if enough people do what you do, your gaming addiction would be gone. Why would developers and publishers even want to produce games if they don't make enough money to cover costs of development do to thieves like you?

luis_spartano1556d ago

Sony should have hired him to prevent a possible PS4 hack.

waltyftm1556d ago

Sony should have hired me, to smash this little tossers legs and hands.

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