Kotaku: Playing The Order 1886 Feels Like Shooting Through an Old Movie

Kotaku: You know, I didn't think about framerate or resolution once when I got to play The Order 1886 yesterday. What I did think was that it felt like playing through an old Cinemascope movie. With at least one very cool signature weapon.

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Master-H1739d ago

Why not , still looks better than anything on your super duber PC either way..

Picnic1738d ago

Presumably it might be set in 1886 although 1886 could also refer to something else.
So that's probably what to refer to - along with all the Victorian steampunk-ish visuals- when assessing whether it's too old for you.

user74029311739d ago

"Later on in the demo, I used the game's Blacksight power to slow down time and down enemies with deadly precision. A corollary of drinking a mysterious fluid called Blackwater, the ability was reminiscent of the Deadeye mechanic in Red Dead Redemption. "


bigbic1739d ago

Sounds like it will be a really fun game. Looks fantastic too.. Can't wait!

itBourne1739d ago

Yep and fps definitely makes a difference. Same situation with TLoU Re, have seen some say they like the 30 fps some the 60. Same dilehma with the hobbit and its 48 fps. More isn't always better in every situation.

Mr Marvel1739d ago

Never seen ANYTHING which didn't look better with more frames (as long as the frame rate is consistant).

JBSleek1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I wouldn't make an analogy to Hobbit at 48 fps. The mean issue with that is for years we have seen movies at 24 fps. The issue with the Hobbit is more psychological.

One of the major issues with the new frame-rate projection is how smooth it all looks. That’s because 48 FPS erases much of the blurring that occurs at 24 FPS. To perceive motion on a screen, our brains need a projection rate of at least fourteen frames per second and the higher the frame rate, the smoother the motion seems.

Think about what some of the reaction to 48 FPS has been. The characters look too sharp? You're too aware of the makeup and the wrinkles? Some of the sets look like sets? Of course they do. You've created a format where the viewer sees more of what is actually there. Filmmakers will have to learn to make sets better and makeup better. That probably happened when color was introduced, too

sameold1739d ago

The Hobbit looked like a soap opera. It was painful to watch.

Azfargh1739d ago

@Mr Marvel

Perhaps you´ve missed every Devil May Cry series cutscenes. Most of them would get MUCH MORE BETTER. This is the first example.

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Sounds awesome, can't wait.

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